The presentation of Maths project (2)

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Todays' degree has many components inside its assessment and evaluation part.  30 years ago, if you were studying in Oxford, England .. if you got  maths with total marks '92"  .. then that marks really reflected the ability of the real maths that you know from the lectures as a whole .... but now as TIMMS 2011 surface in Malaysia  ...   currently, there is a component called 'soft skills' in every subject in this degree curriculum/ syllabus ..Thus  I must assign a maths project for my students since i am teaching them maths.  From this project 15% is allocated towards the final grade.  So this present generation of students .. if they got 92% in maths .. then 15% marks came from the soft skills section. Why?  The Ministry MOHE  wanted to see graduates who can talk confidently in front of the audience.  Bravo!  i buy that point.  really!  but ..

Today I would like to comment on those who had presented the project 'Tower of Hanoi' during the last few weeks.

I think they were very lucky because there was a lot of chance for them:

to use model /  they put up a model based on the internet / youtubes/ they saw how the model was used in the youtube  etc etc ..

so far they used the model to explain the mathematics;  the recursive functions , recurrence relations, iterations solving.  Thats great ..

2)  compared to those the students who got 'animal's population growth'  then this group of people who got population growth was so unlucky indeed , right?
3) so far i am not happy with the way many of you writing mathematical  notations .. if you did the same error .. i will give you zero in the final exam /  that's it!  I don't care if you produced 4 or 5 pages of solution.  If your maths writing was useless/  then '0' mark must be awarded to you.

imagine  +1000 and '- 1000'.  There is a big difference between the number with negative and positive signs.

3)  to be fair, i think i should not assess based on that Tower of Hanoi models.  You escaped my moment of questioning you thoroughly on maths stuff  ..  because you had used that time intelligently to demonstrate how you transfer 3 pack of disk from the right platform to the left platform  while the middle platform was used as a temporary storage.  The strangest point is .. not one of you can do that ..but in fact all party members took part in the demonstrations.  From my instruction, only one of you should demonstrate while the rest have to show their other strengths... etc etc


It is much fairer to assess based on the maths writing
so far i saw ..this was not done so well by many students in every group.

if u can explain .. the maths in front of the class .. then i had given them much higher marks ..than those
of you  who did not explain much/

So what do you think my boys ( girls) ?

he..he.. that is just a reflection from my part. I need some feedback please.

Thank you.  You have done you part really?


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