Gentleman is

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A real gentleman is someone who is able to :


1)       Express ‘thank you’ after getting some services from others (wive, friends, neighbours)

2)      Admit his/ her mistakes voluntarily  and seriously making some amendments

3)      Extend the word of Congratulations ! to his/her friends who are expecting their first child, second child , opening a new business and just returning from abroad with masters and Ph.D.

4)      Extend his condolence when others are in the state of bereavement

5)      Invite close friends for food in his ‘home’ once in a while and entertain his guests well

6)      Speak nicely to others

7)      Avoid ill feelings (back biting ) among his/ her friends through conversation, wild statements etc etc

8)      Step down from his/her office voluntarily after the time is up such as GE13 in Malaysia and most importantly to ‘shut up’ after doing so.  (he..he..)

9)       Treat his mother , father much better once they are already in an advanced age
Treat his wife well.

10)   Pray evening prayer after 5.00 pm i.e., after the working hours.  By doing so, the boss is happy and we too (God willingly).

11)   Pay his debt on time and coming to meetings punctually. He / she also stay true to his/ her words like promises.  BY doing so .. there is little chance of being painted as a hypocrite through and through

Wallahu hu aklam


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