Simple Common Sense 1

Posted by sazali


In this life , we met many instances such as :

(a)  people giving us .. cakes, food , drinks, idea from the e-mails, journal article, Ph.D thesis and many more.

The most basic common sense is .. just say THANK YOU.

Many of us .. forget about this simplest basic step ..of how to live happily with his friends, neighbours and ..many more parties.

In my country .  we take things for granted.  Such as :

the children ..can sleep all day long .. and at noon ..they wake up .. expecting the food to be ready on the breakfast table ..

of course they wallop all the food .. and in the process ..they forgot to say THANK YOU to their mum and most importantly their blessed daddy who work as teachers, lecturers, drivers and all sorts of problem solvers.

(b)  the government gave few of us ..scholarship and loans// sometimes our children managed to go to full boarding schools, matriculation colleges, teaching colleges etc etc

The most basic common sense is ..  just say THANK YOU and

please do all the work that are assigned to you .. as properly as possible.

We express our thanks by not talking ills or BACK BITING  our master GOVERNMENT.


(c)  on the road, PLUS Highway ..if somebody give you the chance to overtake their expensive machines

the most basic step .. is to say THANK YOU.


put up your hand and wave .  that is a sign of thank you and respect to the other polite traffic users.

If we do our part by saying ..thank you .. and the rest of them will follow suit.

Don't worry.

Be Happy.

(d)  if we go to the public toilet ..and after doing our businesss there ..


How?  flush the 'stools, many more things' and ..  make sure before you leave the toilet .. it is clean and ..nice looking.  If you smoke .. make sure all the smoke go into your body first ..  through your nose ..  and let the smoke kill you first and not me of course.  Be considerate!

If every one do their part in ..observing simple ethics .. going to the toilet and driving properly on the federal roads and highways .. saying Thank You to others ..   then our life will be less  ' tension, stress and bad mouthing of others'.

See ..  try to be a good citizen of this country, shall we?

Say a lot of Thank You to your mum, dad, spouse etc etc.

We expect good out of you always by being kind and nice all through out the days and nights.

If you are the GOVERNMENT and you got ..  all the power to air your strong points, your 'jasa/ contributions'  ..  dont forget to highlight the good that others have done to you too.


(i)  we never use any bomb ..  to your party members in spite of you showing all sorts of 'actions'/ '..glamour' etc etc in TV1, TV2 and TV3.

(ii) we never shoot any of your ministers  in the day light ..  well/  we are very gentlemen indeed.

Where on earth can you find opposition parties like .. what we have in this country?


I hope I put some messages  across to the public now.
Behave ..well as ..what you expect .. what others will do to you.  Nicely?

Walahu aklam bis sawaab ( God Knows Best).


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