Syarahan Ustazah Prof Madya Dr Syarifah Haryati Syed Ismail 13 April 2013

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Last night I had the chance to attend a talk on Wasatiyah (be moderate/ sederhana) talk by Yang Mulia  Associate Prof Dr Syarifah Haryati Syed Ismail in Parit Saleh Ros Parit Raja Johor.  It was dedicated in view of the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w (peace be upon him).
 Majlis Maulidur Rasul.

The blessed speaker  touched the following 10 things at the compound of Masjid Jamek Jannah Parit Salleh Ros ..  Parit Raja .. called:

(1)   TRY KEEPING a   Good relationship between husband and wife.  Say thank you to your spouses who has worked so hard to make your family happy, harmonious and progressive.  Say good words between family members like thank you daddy, thank you mummy and of course . ..say I am sorry for your fault committed intentionally/ unintentionally.
(2)    Pray for your parents such as ‘ o god ..please forgive my parents , my grand parents etc etc’.  Listen to their doa when you are still alive.  If during your life , you cannot hear such prayers, what hope will there be ..if you are no more around in this world
(3)    Attend your neighbour’s invitation such as marriage weddings.  Take care of your tongue such as ‘.. how much the pelamin?  How much wang hantaran .. etc etc ?  he..he.. don’t be so busy body.  If they got RM10,000 ..will there any chance RM1 fall onto your lap?
(4)    Daily 5 times solat.  Better as husbands to attend daily prayers in the masjid.  By doing so, you know more people in your own village.  By knowing local problems, you are regarded as one of them and as such ..  you are always counted as important person in the kampong.
(5)    Take good care of your daughters.  Ask them to wear Islamic dress and practice good manners.  By good manners .. it reflects how high your family is in the eyes of God and your neighbours. By such, it is easier for you to get son in laws / daughter in law who are of your own likings.  If you are a teacher, your in laws could come from the teaching profession too.  Now she highlighted one thing called .. by wrong use of tongue .. we fight among each others.  We back bite our neighbours. As such we are the real losers in akhirat.  All our good deeds will be transferred to our neighbours that we were busy back biting last night.
(6)    Good cooking.  By cook cooking .. your spouses will come home a bit early after office hours.  More over, you save a lot of money by eating at home with your children.  Simple?
(7)    There is nothing wrong to buy presents for your family members.  By such, you tendto love each other more as days go by.  We do not need family consultant at al .. during splitting time since our relationship is getting better as days proceed.
(8)    We are all going to die. Especially those 40 – 60 years age … many deaths happen within this age group.  So … for those who are very old, let the old age reminds us spend more time .. doing ibadat, sedekah, pay zakat and many good activities like repentance - taubat nasuha.  By sedekah ..she meant donating Quran to orphans’ homes, adopting bright children to attend good schools and universities.  By doing so, our pahala … will continue even after our death.  She reminded of 1 hadith ‘’..  if we give RM1 donation, Allah will plant you a tree with 7 branches with 100 fruits from each branch   in the paradise for you ...all ain all you are going to get 700 fruits there with... how rich you can be just by a simple donation in the path of Allah sincerely.. Yes sincerity is the mother of great amals.. do it for the sake of Allah only/ nothing else .."

9)    Say plenty of Darud .. salawat to the Holy Prophet. How? say 'allahum ma soli ala muhammad .. wa ala alihih saidina muhammad ..'  /  or better still read the salawat when you are at the end of any solat b4 the salam i.e., including the salawat to Holy Prophet Ibrahim a.s.

By giving 1 salawat to the Nabi Muhammad s.a.w  .. Allah gives you 40 degrees of his blessings.  How?  10 blessings Allah forgive your small sins, 10 blessings to upgrade you in the eyes of the people, 10 blessings to improve your status and 10 blessings for your sakinah/ hapiness generally. So by giving 1 darud to Prophet MUhammad .. you gonna get 40 blessings.  Good, isn't it?

Why?  Allah loves Prophet MUhammad sa.w.  the most.  He is the most beloved creation of Allah.  If his direction of a finger .. dia tunjuk satu jari nyake arah bulan ..can split the moon into 2 halfs .. what more if we practice all the sunnnah of Rasulullah in our 24/7 daily lifes.  Do it now please before .. yor big planattaion can not help you at the time of death/  your house can not help you too/ and your young wife can not do it either.  Do it now please.

10)  Be a man of good deeds everyday. Have a open house. If your house .. you invite people to come and eat meals while talking about islam and the sunnah of his Nabi Muhammad sa..w  you are indeed .. a blessed man / if your KELISA red car .. u can bring the poor people the masjid, to the schools, to the 1KLINIK Malaysia, bring people to get 1BRIM .. then your car and the driver are indeed a blessed people in the eyes of God ..   and many more/  I am going to forget now ..  many more fruitful evenings.

Thanking you in advance Ustazah Prof Madya Dr Sharifah Haryati.

Wallahu aklam biss sawabbb.  God knows best.



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