Simple Common Sense 2

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One of the most important common senses is to

Say Sorry to your boss, spouse, children, siblings, parents, friends, and many more.

(i)                   You failed to come for the meeting or you came to the office late.   You always used the word ON THE WAY when you are just leaving your home 7000km in London and your audiences are waiting like a fool in a place called Telipot, Kota Bharu.
(ii)                You failed to prepare good food on the dinner table in spite of having many kinds of expensive utensils in your most up to date  kitchen.
(iii)               You failed in your studies after taking full time leave.  What a let down!
(iv)              You failed to write any academic book even though you have been working in the government for the last 30 years.     That book if you wrote .. can be put into 20 public university libraries in Malaysia for future references and don't forget we have 10,000 schools in Malaysia.  So you missed the chance.  right?
(v)                You did not pay the debt (PTPTN) and many instalments as promised.
(vi)               You failed to perform as a respected father/ mother.  You have being using money to ‘say sorry’ to your kids when you were  away  most of the time in your busy work schedule. 

And many more.  Period!

In order to live well, spend some time to say SORRY please.
And you must promise to your self .. not to repeat that weakness(es) again in future.

When must you say sorry ?
There are 3 period  recommended.

 First , just after you committed the mistake and it was discovered with your pants down..

Secondly,  few days after you realized the mistake (after some heated argument accruing with your spouse , I mean).

Thirdly, before your parents passed away on their death bed.  My parents said '..better late than never!'

After the mistake,  the seclusion and sorrow //

why not .. we start fresh?

If I were a lady, I will spend serious time preparing food for my family.  Why?  Let us start by giving 3 good reasons.

Firstly, it is safer and healthier to prepare our own food.  We can check the quality of the meat, chicken,  vegetables and fruits before we start cooking.  By doing so we can ensure our family  taking cleaner and better food for their own health.  If you have the time, just scan through the news  in the internet.  Many young parents are dying because they consume out side food most of the time.  More over, those cooks are not professionally trained to prepare  for you as asian.  One day I went to a restaurant.  The girl served me .. Nescafe with some sour milk.  Of course , I rejected the drink and demanded fresher milk.  We got quarrels .. but at the end I was right ..  it is better to have our own breakfast in our own home.  I can ensure we can have Mediterranean kind of breakfast any morning we want ..    it is just a boiled egg, 2 toasted bread with Australian honey, Dutch butter and Denmark Cheese.  Cornflakes , you say?  Here we are.  And if you want to eat all kind of grasses and herbs like kachip Fatimah ..and Tongkat Musa  .. and the soup from a reproductive organ from a 30 year old Mongolian tiger.. you can prepare and  you can sipped all that in the comfort of your own home.  (laugh).  Hishhhhhh.. some men are crazy … and it is always the ladies at the final end who involuntarily see the  effect from those ‘turbo-charged’ soup. 

Secondly, we can plan our time professionally.  We don’t have to rush to the restaurant in Kluang Train Station just for breakfast .. when we learnt from past events , some of our good friends got killed in the accidents just because they were craving for  that BREAD and specially prepared KAYA, MARGARINE and many more in that  station.  If you are smart .. can you answer this?  Which is better … that Kluang toasted bread OR your life by staying clear from one of the most dangerous roads in Malaysia.  He..he..he..

Moreover, you spend good time with your children while eating.  Actually the western people coined this term 'quality time'.  We asians do not have to follow them .. why?  they have only 1 puppy to take care when they grow old while ... in our case ..  our 6 children will take turn to care for us.  Which is better mum? 

Third reason?  Easy.  It is more economical to prepare our own food.  You save money on petrol by not travelling to Kluang any more and most importantly, you become more productive in terms of good reading of the Holy Quraaan, you managed to say Subhanallah, Alhamdulilah and Allahu Akbar 10,000 times in the morning and in the evening and most importantly,  By doing so , our heart is pumping blood to many parts of our body nicely. Thus you get rid of  expensive Prudential Health Insurance , Takaful Ikhlas Insurance  and many more kinds of modern schemes that stole the money from your pocket.  This is different from those who take food 40 km away from their home .. and in the way .. they were cursing all  the  hell drivers on the Malaysian roads.  You know what .. in Johor .. they overtake our cars from the left.  Mad people!  I think they bought their driving licenses from many sundry shops in oil palm estates  manned by the mamaks from Sri Langka, Southern provinces of India and ..  (Ha..ha..ha..)

I think that is all for today.  If you hate this writing .. .. oopss ..  I better say..  i am  SORRY .. please.

Sorry ….  OK?  That is a simple common sense to live a bit longer here.  In this part of the world, if you kiss the hand of the BIG Man .. and say sorry in that process of kissing .. then .. after an event .. most probably .. that BIG MAN will invite you for tea.  See?  Smart Living ..huh? 

Wallalhu aklam bis sawabbb.


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