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I  love reading and writing.  That is a fact that my family  knows about me ever since.  He..he..  i am not good at other things except reading , reading and reading ..   I do not know why?  I think I am going to die with a book in my hand.  IQRA' is also reading.  God ask man to read .. all the times.  So am I not ok then?

After retirement , the thing I would miss most must be reading many things  in the university library.  Going to the library with its wonderful collection of books and journals .. is not the same as reading things from the internet in your office or private home .  Be what ever you want to call it to be ..   the smell of the books and  magazines from the library pulls me towards it daily.

In my experience, the best library I had ever sat my bum must be Parkinson Library in Leeds, England.  The next best is the main Library in Leeds University itself.  The view outside the library is really fantastic especially late May/ June when the final examinations are on going. Then University of Birmingham Library and then ..  University of Sheffield Library.  I liked those libraries in the west because they can observe the silence from 0900 hours to mid night.  This is different from the library in Malaysia.  Our students are too excited to talk with their friends once they got together in the library.  I hate listening to many talks when i am holding a magazine ..  i am so sorry ..may be i loved silence all the way while reading.

Today I am very fortunate to find a quiet place in the most beautiful and modern state of the art - UTHM library by reading Majalah Pelita Bahasa and Dewan Sastera.  To be honest, reading many good malay writings .. is the best food for my brain.  From such reading, i try my best to understand the writers' individual message(s).  In the library i try to read great malay writings such as those from Tun Mahathir, Pak Sako and A Samad Ismail  had produced so far ..  and at home early in the morning , i try to read hadith (traditions from the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w).  Lately i am reading some pages from a book entitled La Tahzan (dON'T BE sAD).

oTHER THAN THAT , I TRY MY BEST TO  READ   writings from famous philosophers  in maths education  such as Schonfeld in the topics called algebra and number structures.  I was very lucky , Schoenfeld sent me 60 pages of his latest writing about the favourite subject called mathematics, algebra and education.      So all in all , those readings ..hopefully will enable  me to share some things with my students and audience . where ever i am called for some discussion .. God Willingly.

With that ..I pen off ..and just remind my students ..please spend some time reading seriously on certain topics .. because reading and thinking .. make you a better man/ woman ..

Wallah hu aklam bis sawab. (God knows best).


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