What is mathematics ..

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Mathematics is a guessing subject ..  exploring .. proving ... trying out certain ideas with friends and finally conclude with an answer .. then the teacher agreeing to our solution and problem solving.

Hushh .. so many things there ..


(i)  guess
(ii) explore
(iii) prove
(iv) trying out
(v) concluding
(vi)  answers
(vii) solution
(viii) problem solving.

Yes ..  we got all that skills from our teachers, parents, siblings etc etc but .. I just wonder .. why in USA.. according to a report in 1980's .. out of 333,000 middle school students, only 30,000 ended in high colleges, 3000 ended in degree/ masters  and only 300 got PhD in mathematics?

Out of that 300 PhD mathematicians ..  only Russians, Indians, Japanese, Chinese , Koreans .. can call themselves of equal standing  to the Americans ...by sending machines to the outer space , built fast trains and powerful computers.

2)  The point is ..  from 333,000 students ..  the American education systems produced merely 300 mathematicans  ..and that compose of less than 10% ..  of the original .. entrants into their education system.

Another point is ..  not many students like Mathematics.

They said they are:

(a)  too scared
(b) too difficult
(c) harder than hard
(d) no life , really?
(e)  whats the point of counting someone's money when at the end of the day .. u got to take care of it ..  with body guards etc etc and What is there for me ..   I get what from all this nonsense?

3)  why not switching to food making/ cakes/ pantries etc etc . ..

so what is the worth of mathematics?

anybody please/

Wallahu aklam.


Schoenfeld , A.H.(1992).  Learning to think mathematically: problem solving, metacognition , and sense making in mathematics


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