a world of repetition

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Many people write things repetitively.
That includes me.

Is it not boring? Are you not bored Sir?
He he he. I laugh. They also laugh.

I ask them why you laugh too?
He he he.

See? You follow me right? The act of following is an act of repeating something non stop.

2) we enjoy doing the same thing again and again.

Cooking rice and preparing some dishes ..are all acts of what our grand mothers did before.
The only difference may be the utensils used.

Your dad ..a soldier ...he keeps returning home. After a month in the jungle fighting the communists, he came home.
There must be something there at home.

The mum cries .if your daddy lost his way home from the thick jungle.
Why? She wanted the same man i.e.., your daddy.

in football, 22 footballers running after a ball. Thevfinal act ..how many goals get scored.
pele, ssantos ran after the ball.
mokhtar dahari and wan zawawi did the same. It was always the ball they are chasing after.
then they scored a goal. The stadium exploded with happiness and many great memory.

never have we seen the ball chasing after the 22 players. If that happened the referee lost his job. No more travel all over the world.

see? The same game is played. We run after the ball repeatingly without asking any wisdom ..behind the chase.

See? The whole world runs on similar old routines day and night.

Your teacher.
He walk through the door. After teaching ..he walks out the same door.
Why didnt he take the window as the exit point?

Your malay minister.
He talks the same thing. Ketuanan melayu.
Melayu this, melayu that. Melayu get this. Melayu get that. At last thebwhole ministry is full of melayu.  The result ...complacency. laziness creeps in.

If he got struck by lightning
His successor will talk the same damn thing.

Again n again.
If he talks differently, we all learnt the consequences.

Anwar Ibrahim talked differently to TDM about leadership.
He got something back.
Muhyidden talked something differently to DSMNTR too.
We saw the end of .muhyidden. simple?


4) In the mosque, the imam read the same quraan.
1950 that quraan. 2016 the same quraan.
the gist was stay taqwa. Stay clean from forbidden things like corruption, cheatings, zina, lies and pack of lies building up one after another.

god created us.
Allah wanted we lead the same road to heaven.

Just an example here.
a man and woman got married.
malays married. Chinese married. Indians married.
what happen if somebody play a cheating game?

yes .you are right.
the woman gets a knive and cut the mans gun.
next ..the gun is fed to the hungry animals out there. Once thrown to the hungry dogs, the gun suddenly seeen no more. Blink blink the eyes of the rotten man. Where is it?
why this happeng?

Because god created the feeling of jealousy and .. no
woman wanted she being treated cheaply like shit.
GET me?

In the end of the day, the story is

we repeat  many things on this earth.
last time we were young and strong.
now ..we turned old and weak ...

soon we die ...and kept neatly in a place called a garden of heaven.
R I P you repeaters.

5) what happened if we went yo yo like cheating, corruption. See the paper cutting below.

did you follow this

If you cheated, you sleep no more once you got caught.
Today you are free, but your days are just numbered.
once caught by the authorities,  you lost so many things. Period!

take care.Wasallam, we follow islam cycles after cycles  as closely as the prophet muhammad s.a.w did ...we live peacefully ever after.  Sohih!
al fatihah


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