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All of us have our own parents, siblings, relatives and friends.  Some from our own small village. Some comes from the same town, district, state and country.

We call them our friends in Islam.
Some comes into our fold of life through our formal informal contact vis business, sport games, dakwah, studies and everything. I enjoy most of my contacts especially my dear students in England, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Acheh, Jogjakarta, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Timur Leste, Philippines, Myangmar, Greece, Spain, Qatar, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Yemen.

2)  In this life we are not so sure of easy or difficult times.
Easy times leads to good profitable business and vice versa. Sometimes, our car suddenly stop in a highway in a deep deep jungle. The tigers, snakes and many dangerous animals are watching at us. What next? IF we are 100kg and over, we might be a good food for the beasts.

In Islam we are asked to help each other.

3) the virtues of ikram (helping out) are

3.1  helping someone in difficulty,
Allah grants us 73 Darjats (levels of highness)

One of which is enough for our sustenance in this world and the other 72 darjats will be kept for us in akhirat

3.2  if we give food to a hungry fasting brother or sister, may be some of his tsawabs will be given to us too without affecting his goodness from his book of amal at all.

That is why in Ramadhan , many well to do muslims donate good dates and chicken rice to the fasting men n women in the mosques. ME? I try to give some water and nice words only ,..example  are you Ok brother?

3.3  we live in wellness, happiness happy ever after. Why? If we feed some birds, they will pray for our forgiveness. They will pray to Allah so that we become stronger, healthier and wise. Ameen.

4.  Types of hardship

4.1  money
4.2  illness
4.3  calamities such as war, tsunami, earthquake, flood, famine
4.4  serious attacks from the enemies examples communists, vietkongs, robberies

4.5  a house about to collapse because of landslide
4.6  marriage problem i.e., divorce
4.7  court cases
4.8  work assignments
4.9  non finished phd researches (the writing never ends)
4.10  fitnah
4.11 a woman left by her husband in a foreign land, airport, bus station and
4.12  many many more

As a result, Islam encourages us to help one another regardless of race and color. In Malaysia, we have many people working for us. Ikram right?
Zakat is a form of ikram where the rich is helping the poor.
by getting the due, the poor will lead a better life.

Good isn't it?

5.0  many hundreds of years ago, a prostitute was forgiven by the Al Mighty Allah because of her willingness to give a thirsty dog some water from a deep well in the desert.
Allah is so happy with that simple act of feeding the dog using her shoe. No need big amal FB, Instantgram like going for umrah so often and what so ever. He he he. GET me sister?

in short, we must not be lazy in extending any kind of help to the creations of Allah. If we can, allocate some money for tahfiz schools and tabligh work that is taking part all over the world. Subhanallah.

WAsallam N fi amanillah.


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