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Most girls are crazy with this cantik.
In malay, it means pretty, beautiful and ..

But cantik has 6!  Read this as 6 factorials.

6 x 5 x4 x3x2x1 =  30 x 12 × 2 =  360 x 2 = 720 different ways.

Some girls cantik because of her body. Tall, slim n healthy.
Some girls cantik because of their voices.
Some girls cantik because of their teeth.
some girls cantik. They got class. Whatever they wear they just appear so nice.
in the universities, profs are so cantik .. fat cheques i suppose?
Some girls cantik in manners and language (budi bahasa).
In africa, they define cantik from the rear.   I have many nigerian friends , algerians and ugandans. You remember idi amin? Did you see how itik walk? The way they swayed her bumm is cantik. He he he.
And many many more.... 720 different ways. Blind me!

Because cantik is so ..  the world is mad in producing all kinds of clothes, accessories and ..

If we are not careful, we got cheated... our money flying away so fast in Oxford Street London.

Asians cannot follow blindly the cantik from the west.We are too short.

Some of us too small. Our bone structure is totally out of dimension from Queen Sarena Williams. You got me girl?
Look at her clothings. You wanna wear those. They are suitable on the tennis court not in the lecture theatre ..
our eyes ..quite sepek lah. The meditraneans ..their eyes are green. See?

God is great. God produces 2 main colours. White and black.  If you mix those two, you get my skin, I think. Not so bad, I suppose. Alhamdulilah.

I like to see far asian chinese when i was in new york, london and paris. That time i was just 20.
They wear all kinds of shorts during summer.

No matter what ...since their bums are smaller, less meaty and fleshy.

It just doesnt look right (laugh). The afrikans hardly noticed.

What look right is ...indians versus the west. He he he. Have you seen one?
So to be happy

And sleep comfortably, please look what ur strong points are.

You sleep better my dear.Else you chase for something...a mirage.

One out of 720 different interpretations of beauty. Collect those nearer to you plz.
Al fatihah.

Surah An nass. Wal asrii.

Wasallam. My friend the late colonel Ameruddin from sf says ..we could be called ... mere,..idiots if we take cantik as our god. Astaghfirullah.


  1. FRSR said...

    i hope i am.tell me,dr! hihi

  2. sazali said...

    Bila beli benda mahal kita mahu cantik. Habis. He he he. Gitulah bu. All ladies cantik ..including ibu d sana.

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