how to avoid from maaf maaf a thousand times

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We are very famous for being apologetic.
All the times ..we say sorry to someone.

This is a simple tips to be used by anyone so that others will look u with respect n dignity.

A.  As a student

A1.  Come punctually to your class
A2.  Send your assignment on time.
A3.  Be attentive in your class
A4.  Score your best in all tests
A5.  If you fail your test, don't see your teacher, lecturer
Take it as it is. U deserve it right?

See him next semester as a repeater.

If u r studying overseas, dont ask for sympathy
Else what is the point of praying (berdoa bagai nak rak)

My  malaysian friends in England ..when they failed
They just packed their begs and leave.

Great people.

Now this has changed a lot.
Once we ask for sympathy

We are putting our nation towards
Many bad things.
.one of them is  corruption.
Next ..we have officers who failed to uphold
Any ethics, attitude and behavior. They punch cards in the morning and go breakfast.
pity body at the front office. What will the chinese, indians, bangladeshi say?

In short we disgrace ourselves.

My simple tips.
If you like it...share
If not is just ok..

I just express what i know even though 1 ayat or sentence.. i am learning this too.



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