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I met many friends. Some remembered me and some don't.
One main characters is

Most of us  look not so well like before.
Even though they are not yet 100 or 200

Many like to talk something up in the sky and under the ground.

No wonder we ...lost many things. We cannot invent. Design. Innovate. Create. Sustain things confidently.  We lack the confidence to lead the world. So how to motivate the younger generations?

2)  Pensioners , few of them, do not look so happy now.
I ask them why?

They talk about appointments
They talk about special medicine they are taking etc etc and
They talk a lot about Mecca and Medinah

They talk ..they are visiting their children abroad.They talk ..they are well taken care by their loved ones.

sometimes the hospitals take charge of them
and many more. So why the mood is so saddening after all.


He he he..
If you look happy, you must talk happy things too.
I did not like to talk about sickness, hospitals n ...many sad stories.

May be if i am 100, 200 I will talk about that insya allah.
the good thing being a teacher is ..

your friends are mostly young. If you teach Lower Six Arts , your friends are mostly 18.
Since they are young, you must feel young too. When you are young, you can talk supply demand. Marginal return and marginal cost.  Why unemployment? Why inflation?

OLD people is talking about ..the country's debt 650 billion RM already. 53% of the gnp is debt.

its good to die feeling young rather than walking every where and talking about something you haven't met and seen at all.

I think there should be a faculty of sad events. Many frightening things. What theories should the students discuss and research. Professor of Tragedy. Any body?Senior  Lecturer of  Big buildings falling down your heads.

2)  In this wide wide world, there are so many things we can talk
why must the talk be so focused towards bad things waiting us after this world.

Other countries are progressing
While we ...are talking something .. out from this earth. Did you see arab countries nowadays? They are going for tall constructions. Hotels. Big Ben. If they talk about akhirat all the time 24/7 i dont think they heeded what Prophet Muhammad s.a.w had talked 1400 years ago. I learnt they are mad about football. Among the people on earth, i think arabs understand the Quraan the most. Why? Quraan are written in arabic. If they are chasing for football, what do you expect from ordinary non arabs.  He he he. No wonder, God sent thousands of nabi to guide arabs. (Laugh).  But we are grateful too, one arab donated billions of RM to our prime minister. Alas Tun Dr M said ...that arab  must be mad.

Is this the way to go?
For what ..

Hope ..Allah grants us happy old life, and send us to the heavens of many levels.



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