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My teacher Ms. Tan in Rengit used to ask me "..are you well now boy?"

I answered Yes.  Very easy. Sometimes I answered No.

Between those two are my answers.  If I replied positive, less asking from her ..if it was in the negative ..more questions from her.  Sometimes I pretend to be sick . This was the era of ( Malaysia- Indonesia Konfrantasi )

So to escape any kind of attention, I always pretend to be well all the times .  BTW, I was one of the good pupils that time ..only in Mathematics I excelled ..the rest was horrible but I like English a lot.

At 9 -  plus , I was in Batu Pahat Primary School. When my dad transffered from police barrack  to another , I also got new friends.  But new friends never last at that age.

2)  Today  I want to write about 'well/wellness'.

Are you well?  This is about your health. Yes I am fine. I can sleep. I can eat , I can play soccer and I can study at schools.  I took trishaw 'Pak Bujang' from the police barrack to the school.  It was full of rubber trees that time at Lim Poon Primary School, Batu Pahat, Johor and it was so hilly too.  Just couldn't imagine how hard Pak Bujang got to work to earn his living.

Are you in the well?  This refers to a location a hole below the surface of the earth that produce water. May be few meters deep of water.  A well is used to supply water to a family in Malaysia / India 50 - 100 years before.

3) Today I just want to focus on wellness / health.

To be fine, it is good to follow the advice of the old people i.e., your parents.

Sleep 8 hours
School, homework 10 hours
Eating 2 hours
Crying, fighting among siblings, got canes  1 hour
Entertainment, games & rest   3 hours

Total 24 hours daily

3.1  I write about school here because most of us goes to schools, colleges, universities and offices.
If you are a fishmonger , then that is your 'office'.  Don' t worry.

3.2  We eat food according to the food pyramid.  More carbohydrates should be taken by our body because we need energy to run for the buses, run on the football field and catch your naughty boys and many more.
We need some protein and fat too examples meat, liver, mutton, eggs, margarine to grow up a bit taller but don't worry ..we can not grow all the times.  If we keep growing we cannot buy any cars.  Imagine driving a Proton with your head out of the roof.

And we also need  some fruits, vegetables (supplying us direct vitamins) and ..  honey. The best fruit is papaya an the best vegetables is 'kang kung'.   He..he..he..  some men take funny roots. These roots can only be found in the deep jungle , high up in the mountains.  I heard to get that roots called 'tongkat ali' , if we were to let 100 men went into the jungles .. only 50 came back alive those days.  Why?  many stories.  Let us put them aside else I can not  finish this today.

3.3  But not all of us can afford to eat well all the time.
Some eat poorly and some eat so much.  Some just keep on eating as long as their eyes are open , they eat all kinds of snacks.  At the end, they got cancer, diabetes and HBP.

3.4 If you eat poorly, you get some illness like scurvy, cholera (poor water sanitation) etc etc
and if you eat so much .. you will die ( i think) with your  stomach so big and you hardly moved at all.

3.5 So it is better to eat moderately.  Eat when you are hungry and stop eating before you are 100% full.  Drink a lot of water.  7 liters will do daily.. but if don't like that figure just try 17 liters of H20.  Try?

Don't take too much coffee.  My grandparents always advice me not to drink too much coffee ..   I heard coffiene is not good for your heart.  It spoilt your medicine.

But I like coffee if I cannot solve any kind of maths problems in the high schools.  The best coffee is the turkish coffee. It will make your eyes wide open for many more hours.  Avoid coffee if it was your bed time.

3.6 Some girls can sing very well so they follow certain rules like ..drinking water from the 30 feet deep well behind their houses all the time, no hot chillies , no curries etc etc.  This is to control their voice , high and low pitch.  I just wonder how Whitney Houston controlled her voice.  So good voice she had all those days.  Now she has gone to the next world.  RIP.  However,

I think this is very boring because .. Malaysian' restaurants  has 20% Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis food .their food is full of hot curry and coconut milk. Without curry, they will grow thinner.  I saw them eating green chillies plus salt just like me eating peanuts.  So coollllll.

3.7  The last , is to sleep.

If you want to sleep, go and sleep in your bedroom.
Don't sleep in the middle of the house when your parents are watching the T.V.

It is very dangerous.  I keep that for the next story.

GTG now.  Many jobs waiting for me to attend.  See you, OK?  Have a great day ahead.



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