Hot weather

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I am in kelantan now.
From Penang to Machang, many cars are on the road.
It is the sign that the school holiday is coming to an end.

One more observation, the leaves of the trees are falling down. The weather is very hot.
The grasses had turned brownish black.

When the weather is hot, man has to take more water.
I mean drink more water.
If we take bath, the water suddenly dries up.

looking at this i remembered my time in karachi.
we were praying on the railway platform. Our ablution suddenly dried up once we stood erect on the plastic sheet for prayers.

we can see the heat on the railway tracks but we still bowed to the ground.

You cannot discuss many things today.
Else more quarrels and ...bad feelings.

So i decide to lay low during the day and stay up in the night.

I am holidaying in kota bharu now.
May be 24 to 30 hours holiday.


My family is on the other part of the peninsular.

It is ok for me. We must learn to travel n live alone.
Ooopss... i got books to read. So there is no such thing as loneliness.

We must learn to adapt n sustain better. During the drive, just recite the Quraan by heart. Why? Today is Friday. This recitation is a form of zikir. If we remember Allah, Allah will remember you. While doing that, we always remember our children studying in many parts of the world. Since this is an auspicious day, the dad must pray so that his childrens study will be make easy. Easy to pass and bring home Phd. Insya allah.

in the world of academics, there is no such thing as easy. It is all up to the individual. If he wants something easy, then ease comes. If he wants a tough life, then hard things comes.

i like all things easy. Easy with my books. Easy with my writings and easy with my friends and students. Why should we make it so difficult?

Why the difficulties? My arguments are 3.
first y
if you arere already a scholar.The university has interviewed you. From that, they think u can bring sweet name to the country. Full stop. Now your turn to prove. Insya allah.  Just do it.

i believe that too.

Allah is looking at us. So dont worry.
Make doa ..the grass will turn green again.

When the world turns green n fresh, man becomes happy again.
THATS life. Any

young man eventually turns old.
one day he dropped dead. But the world continues.
according to a hadith..when a man dies, he will leave 3 things behind.
first... good children who will pray for him,
second, the knowledge he passed to others. Hopefully his students will act on it and repeats the cycle.
lastly, any charity you?

let me write 1 sentence about charity.

the late ustaz nik aziz ( ex chief Minister of Kelantan) preached one day in Pulau Melaka.

If you give charity like a bag of cement to the mosque, as long as somebody prays and sit on the mosque .. the tsawabb continues flowing into your account non stop

until the day of qiamah? The cost of a bag of cement rm30 to rm45 now. Gst?

Allahu akbar. How great Allah is.



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