Why oh why

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We like to ask 'why.

Why is that so?

1.  We got brain.
2.  We want to know some reasons why that thing happen


Why going to umrah ..so often?

Why you repeat the same mistake?

Why are you so lazy?

Why are you talking so great when you do not seem to walk your talk at all?

By getting some answers, we began to see the reasons.


People go to umrah everyday because ..

We repeat the same mistake because we never learn anything.

We talk big because we got money. No money, no talk right?

Politicians talk so much because they got followers.
Their followers like to hear ..they got nothing much to do at night.
The speech look so great... the boss throws so much money to the audience..
See? Dont worry. They can claim later from the Putrajaya.

The world goes round n round..
One simple fact ..

We do not think much ..nowadays.

As youngters we think less because we got parents who care of us in many things.
If we run out of money, we got our parents who are bankers.
They care for us all the times. May be our parents are old fashioned.
In doing so, we never grow. They give us little spaces to grow. Just look..some parents always call their young ones. At school, they call. At the field, they call. In fact in the loo, their calls never end. May be they are mad . Actually? Imagine we are marrying...the calls still coming. That why ...oh why?

Our age has advanced, but our actions so idiots.
I think u can guess why.

In sum, we never look so responsible.
Just watch our films. The parents scolded the children .. any silly mistake .. they scolded. They got scolded one way or another. Any where the scolds get pouring. The parents like to police everytimes . EVERYTHING. Should try to ignore ..sometimes. it gonna be alright.
let them sort their own mistakes. Learning from mistakes is a form of living. The owner of kfc ...made many trials ..then now they strike the right formula. Arabs licking their fingers. So does the malays too. But one arab finger is 3 fingers malays. Ha..ha..ha.
they love kfc all the time.

why? They learn mending here and there. Alhamdulilah..it works them wonders.


U can see what i mean here. You must define when to stop. Stop what?
stop asking plz. HOT?
Wallahu aklam.


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