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One day i sat after subuh solat in Telipot mosque.
The ustaz giving the talk was non malay.

He described how he got interested with malays and eventually he got married to Besutian lady. He met Besut malays in the mid 90s in Syriia.

His description was like this

Malay students were discipline. Hard at their studies.
While arab friends were naughty. Play a lot at the back of the classes.

since he liked malays, one of the Besut boys invited him
to his house. There he cooked nasi and taught that fair skin but long crooked nose  arab syrian .. the malay language.

During the meal, that besut boy ..brought out creamy but salty liquid in a bowl. Inside the bowl, some slices of shallots, chilly and a piece of lime. The lime was already squized to the limit. So did the chilli.
they took boiled fish and dipped the fish into the brown salty liquid and then eating the rice. Hot, salty but Yum yum yum ..
I also ate with him. So good this rice and ..this brownish liquid.
The syrian asked ..what's this?
The malay besut ustaz answered ... oh that sauce you mean?. The most expensive liquid in my country. You must mention this right ..b u  bunyi bu  d  u  bunyi du.

All in all ...we pronounced it ' budu'.

The listeners in Telipot Mosque laughed that morning. I think from that laughter, many stray cats would have woken up and ran after their lives.

I also laugh a lot too.

But don't go away.

Then the syrian ustaz continuees ..while i was appreciating  the budu and blind me my malay getting better by now...
Eating the rice and budu
that besut boy came out from the kitchen ..with a small bottle ..

but i saw ..many things floating in the bottle.
It looks like broad beans and ..

the water was murky dirty.

Ya akhiier ..you know this?
The Besut boy  asked ... while opening the bottle ..

and there came the horrible smell.

Guesss what the bean was?

ha..ha..ha ... he laugh.
i also laugh.
the people in Telepot mosque also laugh.


petai jeruk ...you see?

The people suddenly laugh more and more. It is now called noise.

2)  after the talk that morning, i drove to the town of Kota Bharu.
All along the way, i kept laughing but ...inside me  i  was completely amazed

the wife must be beautiful and Thousand salutations to her too

that syrian ustaz talked malay with a kelantanese accent?

She must be somebody lah in Masjid Nuur Alor Lintang, Besut.


Dr Sazzali
Alumni Tg Mahmud School  Besut.

The same batch with Principal SMK TM Tuan Yusoff Tuan Sulaiman
Prof Alias Daud, Prof Aziz Yusof, Prof Shamsuddin Md Amin


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