another friday

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Friday has come.

Tonight good people reads Yaseen.
Then they make doa.
They send plenty of darud too. ( salawat to the prophet s.a.w.).

Tonight they do tahlil. Send good doa for their late parents and grandparents.

AFTER that they eat some food and drinks.

That is how they get together and interact with each other.

Before they go sleeping, they make strong intention to do solat subuh fajar in the nearby mosque.

2)  indopak people ..make it special point to put nice clothes and perfume.
When the males are particular with that their ladies follow suit.

Malaysians also do the same.
They eat sweet things at night.
They try to be good tonight.

No quarrels what so ever.

If they quarrel, this is not friday.
It must be thursday or wednesday.

3) I love to eat soup with bread.
I put bread into the soup and eat.
Immerse the bread and eat.

What type of soup?

Mutton good..
Beef better.
Chicken the best. Why?
EASY for my stomach.  If we eat hard meat (buffolo)

tomorrow will not be easy.
Constipation. Ugly face?


Laughing is also good tonight.
We make fun with each other so that the mood is right.

4). Our beloved prophet was kind to his wife every night especially friday.

friday is the most blessed day throughout the week.

Many malay children have their names ..jumaah, jumaat a sign of respect.

my best friend rosman jumaah in terengganu ..he has a father called jumaah. Must be born on friday.

thats all for now.
be nice ok?

Dont be so serious. Moreover we are not Rosmah's husband. He must answer many questions all the time with the rakyat. If i am an honest man what is so difficult to tell the truth. Telling the truth should be the trademark of pious people .  Do you know pious people? My late late grandfather told me ...first he is always invited to be the guest of Allah i.e., visiting Kaabah, drinking zam zam water, eating fresh dates from the best farms near Mekkah and Madinah,  he got body guards everywhere he goes, second, his forehead got some dark marks ... he prostrayed seriously in his prayers asking for forgiveness and finally, he is a charitable person. 1 kg of coins to the poors and 1kg of corns to the birds and many more. He he he.  I am not a pious man , right? I can afford few coins only everyday and my forehead is just a forehead. Nothing more and nothing less.

i am lucky not being called  President, the First Gentleman and what not..
Somebody there likes this ...the First Lady , the Datuk, Datin all the way. He he he.

PIty someone out there.  Everyone is going to be accountable with his actions and his sub ordinates in the court of Allah. Hope we can pass with flying colours, can't we?
Al fatihah to our loved ones and also our own soul. Why? Today is Friday.



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