after iftar

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When fasting, it is advisable to break the fast as quickly as possible.
Dont wait any longer when the time comes. In this part of the world , we break our fast at 0730 pm.

That's the teaching of the Holy Prophet s.a.w.

2)  After breaking the fast with 1 or 2 dates, SOME more food like nasi kerabu + budu, bawang jeruk, vegetables, fruits and special cakes [ lopat tikan, teri manih, ondel ondel, akoks, cendol buah kabong, pauh ringan, colek lado  belachan]  we do our prayers called maghrib + stomach full?

After that we rest for 10 to 20 minutes.

Then off we go to the mosque to do isya and terawih prayers. Sometimes I go alone. Sometimes we all go.

Usually by 1000 pm,  we are already home (just 60 minute praying time).  If there is 10 hours in a night, I give only 10% i.e., 1 hour.  Ok  isn't it?  10% is a very famous figure here.  Go to important people, mere mentioning this ..they will laugh at you.

At 10.00pm  we are all feeling a bit tired  and sleepy.

We talked a bit with our children about their work, school. university while drinking tea or milo, and then off  we go to sleep.  Sometimes we take somm tamm ( a thai great treat!).

3) At 500 am we wake up for sehri / sahur.

while the lady heats up some food, the men do tahajud.  That is what the ustaz/ustazah asked us to do.
We stopped tahajud and eat sehri at 0520 am.

Eating sehri is not like eating iftar.  Why?  Yes. We are very hungry at iftar as compared to the time of sehri.  But sehri is very much encouraged to be taken by muslims. This differentiate our fastings with the others ..christians, jews or buddhists.

We eat simple food like egg fried rice, vegetables and chicken at sehri.
We drink a lot of water and try to eat fruits like water melon and mangoes.  Sometime durian is taken but ..we have to pray at the back in the masjid. The smell very awful but .. after awfulness comes the beautiful and sweet exotic taste.   Recommended highly for those who spend long hours in the toilet  and  etcetra (ha..ha..ha).

Then 0545 am, we do our subuh dawn prayer in the masjid.  At 0600 am , we are already home. Why?  the masjid is so near to our house.

In the house there are many things to be done.  Continue sleeping or plan for the day ahead.
Mostly about work, study and many more.  I think this is typical of the malaysian life style here in Ramadhan.

That is all.

The good about this in our country
we can practice Islam safely (if one wants to).


That's all.
Wallahu aklam.


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