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At schools, I always call back my students for revisions.
Here we can spot errors and misconceptions in mathematics.

I try not to rush but after an hour, i let any body dismiss..

2)  Revision is good.
Good for the students to get up to date methods of solving a problem.
Sometimes we tried past papers. Some i create new problem for the students to try.  Just try.  It won't kill you. (laugh).

3)  Today i go through my muqaddam. A small quraan for 5 to 7 old girls.
I read in front of my youngest girl.
I realise that this opportunity will not happen again and again easily. ONCE the girls got married,

they move to new homes... [ the chinese say .. your girls will belong to somebody else - one day  lor]

Once they move, your big house will just be an empty stadium with empty dressing rooms.

So better do it now before your eyes turn white.

Here we realise few things..

First  thor  and toooo

Thoi  and  thoia

My girl said Arabic is  a  delicate language.  You must read it well. Arabic is used in prayer and many more.  If you read it carelessly, it means different things lah daddy.  Instead of glorifying the Al Mighty you might be CURSING him instead.   ohs  My god.

SO BETTER to revise..

2)  Virtues of reading basic Arabic alphabet.

if u read n learn this alphabet one by one, it is better than praying 100 rakaats of prayers alone in the office.

by pronouncing the word carefully, Allah will start to listen to your recitation of the real Holy Quraan.

I think that's all for today.


 When are you going to replicate this?



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