takwa is ..

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Takwa is the fear of Allah in one's heart.

If we are afraid to commit :



cock and bull's stories (pack of lies),



tenung nasib,


..then there is takwa in your heart.

2) A man with takwa .. Allah will solve all your problem from all unknown means.

When we return to see Allah ..

Allah does not see any significance of your power, wealth, big families, strong ties with international presidents, world leaders .., intelligence, impact factor papers etc etc

what he wanted is our takwa and akhlak.

Where is takwa?

Is it in the shopping trolley,
samsung tablet ..

no no no

it is all in our heart.

Inside this 300 grams heart ..

an eye is a useless eye if he can not distinguish which action is good and which is bad.

Inside one's heart,
an ear has takwa if he listens to an azan ..he quicklys attend to the prayers inside Ramadhan / not Ramadhan.

Inside one's heart, a tongue has takwa ..  if he will say the truth and ..nice words only to the others.

No such words like nate (kelantan) or haram jadah (pahang) and many more.

Insya allah ..we pray .. Allah will give us takwa and akhlak.

3) The best akhlak is the best happy birthday present a parents can give to their son/ daughter. ( Syayidina Ali r.a.

Not expensive car, rows and rows of expensive mansions in new York or beautiful lady from Korea.

Wallahu aklam.


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