our lives are just games

Posted by sazali


In the Holy Quraan, Allah says ..this life is just a game.

Any game creates winners and losers.

Nothing in between.

2)  this dunia Allah created 3  things.  First mankind. Second our short lives. Third is the syaitan and devils.

The man , Allah gives him some brains, knowledge and nafs.
If Allah loves someones, he gives him islam, taufiq and hidayah.
If Allah does not love us, Allah gives us everything ..but at thevend of the day ..we die as kafir, kafirun and munafiquuns.
Why?  This is just a game.

Next is the dunia.  Our short life in this world.
Some of us ..Allah gives us so much dunia.
He allows us to build castles, palaces, homes etc etc.
some he allows us to go shopping all over the world ..non stop.
Even though we are short asians, He lets us feel we got beauty, grace and height.
Some of us got good wives. Pretty and sweet.
some of us got lousy wives. They spent everything since their husbands are mere idiots.
Some die happily
And some die horribly.  They got killed, poisoned, bombs and aghhh..


This world is temporary and blind me
It is just a game after all.

Finally here comes  the greatest enemy of all mankind.
This group is called syaitan, satan, devils and many more.

they are created to make men like me and you
to live a life of sins, hypocricy, drama and pack of lies and deceit.

Some of us look so cool giving talks, charities  and many more.  Few are great writers. One writes so well about this and that, but his real daily lives are just the opposite.  I.e.,
syaitan puts some things called insincerity between our breasts.

at last our amal becomes zero. Negatives and Nothing.

but suddenly

Here comes

someone who reads something  to this effect

like this ..
at the end of ramadhan
Allah forgives all of our sins.

Allahu akbar.
at this point the syaitan cries and cries. They cannot do not do anything now

this world is just a game after all.

If Allah loves you, he will put you in jannah.
else .. you are in jahanamm.  So simple, right?

So what is this?

a game you fools.


So to part off

be careful my dear.  Pray hard we wont see firaun, qaruun and abu lahab n their gang.  Get me?  STRATEGIZE yourself well and ahead of others.

How?  Do the work of dakwah both near and far.  Give your lives, wealth and time for the spread of deen.

Pardon me, yar Robb. I write when there are some remains ..in my life for the betterment of my own brothers n sisters in Islam.  Show mercy upon us.  Ameen.

Wallahu aklam.


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