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The chinese has come in drove ..reading this blog.

Hopefully, I had contributed something useful  insya allah.

2)  Usually if my writings ended with 'sayang ..

it seems my rating goes up so accidentallly.

Well..I think readers like this word 'sayang'.


3) When we were young .. the newly wedded people say 'sayang ' to each other

here ayang ..there ayang ; our hands even though we had just parked few goats and sheep at the road side, our ayang is willing to kiss the hands  ..

but once 30 - 40 years coming all along the road ..

ayang slowly dries up.

I don't know why?

No research has been done to investigate this poor showdown.

If it is done ..i think it will do wonders.

3) the most possible reasons:

3.1  more and more habits surfaced after such a long walk
3.2  more babies ..kill the romance
3.3  more expenses
3.4  our body odour has gone from bad to worse
3.5  many more.


like that lah.

Full stop.



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