new friend in ramadhan 2016

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Some people likes shopping.

Some likes touring and sight seeing even it is raining so heavily.  Well some are doing incrediblevthings like mountain climbing  in Nepal.

All has their own benefit.  Examples, from shopping ..we release some form of stress. So does  visiting places like China, India and Europe which takes lots of planning and money.

2)  This ramadhan, i got a new friend.

He invited me for iftar while I was in Tokyo. I got his invitation twice in a row.

From a hadith..

If we provide iftar for those who are fasting even as big as a dry date (tamar)
We shall get the rewards of his amal without affecting any virtues from his account.  Subhanallah.

he comes from khazashtan. So does his wife.
this is bigger than Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei in terms of its physical geography.

Imagine if he brings the fikir of making effort of islam and hidayah among his people one day as a result of this meeting for iftar.

how much will this friendship has benefited among the parties?

I think this type of fikir is much valuable in the eyes of Allah
than mountain climbing and snorkling in the deep blue ocean.  What more if from the mountain adventure, we create problem among the soldiers and communities if they are called to help us out from the dangerous terrains and .. deep crevices in Ramadhan.  Old helicopters and old weak evacuers will find it difficult to help you.  In my country some years back, the NURI  helicopters brought news of them falling down from the sky instead of the act of evacuating the english caught up in the  thick jungles, virgin forests and swarms. Wushh.. what a story!

what say you dear readers?
Did i say something good now?

2)  Ramadhan is a blessed month.
i think we should reduce  activities that cannot benefit us in the next world.

Reading Al Quraan and doing dakwah ..are activities
that can attract the love of Allah now and forever.   How to do dakwah?  You do not need to be a president or the first lady to do dakwah.

just join  tabligh and its 6 points.  You will learn to do dakwah in minutes.
No need to apply as if you are trying to join  Univ of Tokyo for a course.  If you do not eat and backbiting in the day time when u are in the middle of japanese students..this is already dakwah. Make doa so that Allah opens the heart of your friends to seek islam through knowing about you and your good conduct.  Insya allah.  Examples u covering your hair and talk nicely to them or at least invite them to partake some food with you.  Second, visit them when they are sick. Bring good food when seeing them.  Here u are sacrificing money and time to visit them in their hostels etc etc. See?

please spend some of your sacred time thinking about this.  In this world, there are many people who do not know many beauties behind our amal. Some one asked me  ... who ask you to stop eating at 230 in the morning in ramadhan when fasting in tsukuba now?  So who is going to do this?  Your action attracts people to ask and one day ... he was brought to taufiq and hidayah.  God willing.

wallahu aklam.


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