we are not the same

Posted by sazali


Mankind are humans.  The american, european, chinese, indian, arab, asians and others are are all classified as one group called human beings.

We eat and live respectively.

Some eat rice.
Some eat wheat and roti.Some takes noddles.
But we grow up differently.

Some grow 5 feet tall.
Some grow 6 feet tall. A foot taller. Even though we eat the same food stuff , they are a foot taller.  Right?

Some are white.
Some are dark.
Some brown.

How come?

So where is the truth
We are the same?


Thats all for now.

What brings us together
We are all dying.

Our d.n.a  says

One day

We gonna die.

Thats fact right.
So what next after death?



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