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Man can make similar products.
One after another as exactly as possible.

Mass production.

Same car same brand.  Country after country.
Through quality control and proper care ..
Our handsets look the same from one continent to the other.
Books are published as exactly as possible and many more.


2)  but if we put different men into cars

we notice 2 things

2.1 they drive differently
2.2  their destinations are not the same even though they come from thevsame country, parents and houses.


because  we human

have different abilities
and we have different destinations.

one waNted to fly London
next ..they wanted to go different places at different times altogether.


looking at this pattern we conclude

we are never the same.

but ...wait  in Islam

how come different men obey the same leader.
if the leader kisses the ground
everybody do the same.

the sultan Brunei rukuk in his prayers
the whole populace also rukuk ..orderly.

Hw can this happen?
if this can be done

then Prophet Muhammad must be a great leader.
praying 5 x daily is greater (get help through solat)
and finally Allah is the greatest after all
For islam brought the whole world stay united.  Allahu akbar.


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