cheat, cheating and cheated

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Many people cheat.  They cheat this and that.  This act of cheating is a big sin.
.examples of cheatings.

1.  You cheat your wife or husband.  Extra marital affairs.
Using Air Asia u go and see somebody else.  Sometimes they act as if they are husband and wife.

2.  You cheat your school, college and organization.
How?  You copy somebodys work. Plagiarism.
In academic world it is as bad as theft.
Some universities in japan, korea and taiwan ..they sack the cheating professors.

3.  You cheat your parents.

Instead of asking rm20 said ur maths teacher had asked rm200.00

Pity your parents who are just rubber tappers.
In order to find that extra rm180, they had to tap the trees even though it is raining and flooding.

It looks foolish but what can they do?

4.  You cheat the country.

One day I went to an international conference.
My paper was expected to be presented at 0920 am.
The earlier paper from Turkey and the next paper after mine was from Pakistan.

Looking at the names of the presenters.. all people knew they were muslims.
Since muslims are god fearing people .. the greek people asked me to present first on 900 hours hoping that the 2 other presenters will come soon.

Since i was a young presenter, i just obeyed them and i acted as a simple young lamb.
There on stage i presented my work. After 20 odd slides
The questions came one after the other.
Instead of 1 or 2 questions, i got more than 10.
Each question was very tough.
One question from Singapore was ..will I patent my work?

My , my  my ..i never imagining patenting my design comes the singaporean scholar with patenting issues.
Then finland questions. Then Norway ...
Then Canadian.

All in all, i sweated a lot that day.

All this happened because those earlier n later presenters did not come.
In short, i presented 60 minutes.
Felt cheated?

If i knew i would be grilled that day, i would not have shown face so early to the organizers in Tennarife Island, Spain 2006.

The night after there was a  welcoming dinner.  There from conversation, i learnt those lucky presenters were video recording some beautiful places during my presentation yesterday.

he he he..they laughed. You saved us gentleman.
Many people laugh.  Why bother presenting when they can do something else overseas.
i learnt something then.  Cheat, cheating and cheated.

We should value our countryman's  money, for sending us abroad.
We must realize our presence abroad is amanah.
The university wanted staff who have amanah in their mind  24/7.
similar is the country as a whole.
Our religion gets good name if we practise amanah all the times.

Amanah people ..Allah will give you the world.
Now we lost the world.
why?  Think about amanah.

4)  Today is fasting.
in fasting, we must not cheat others and the country.

If we used to cheat from morning to noon ..  everyday

Allah might say ..i do not need your fasting.

So please be careful my dear readers. Did you get my message .. just now?

Insya allah let us be honest.
Shall we?




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