why so tired huh

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In Ramadhan most of us feel a bit tired.

There are many reasons to this.

Here I want to give 3 big reasons:

1)  lack of sleep.

We should sleep a lot.  Say 7 - 8 hours a day.

When Ramadhan comes, our sleeping pattern is a bit odd.

We slept late say 1100 pm and wake up a bit early 0500 am.
So that is 6 hours sleep.  Mathematically, we are deprived of good sleep of about 2 hours.

Then after we wake up, we eat sehri.
If the food is 'ok', then there won't be much problem but most of the time
I saw ..some people eat their sehri while their eyes are 60% closed.

Just wonder what food they had picked up seconds ago.

This is not good for our stomach.

I think so.

2)  too much activities at night.

after iftar, we rest 1 hour and there we go ...
to the mosque  ..  with 1 - 2 hours of isya + terawih prayers.
If the imam is very good, they will read short surrah from the muqaddam  but if the imam is better ..he reads 1 juzuk per rakaat ..here .. if you are not careful ..  the next moment you realized ..you are already in an ambulance - dyhydration.

Please imam .. put some pity on us.

then after prayers , we stop at the mamak stall for football n roti canai.

We are very unlucky this year .. we got European Championship again.

Some boys stayed so late watching  stupid games.  A ball being chased by 11 stupid players and ..
many parties .. are involved from the most simplest man on the street to the highest king (may be).


Luckily , God is kind to me .. I lost the appetite to watch any more soccer after Malaysia was thrashed by Palestin  10 - 0 and lost with Singapore 1-0.

Imagine 30 million population .. we were not brilliant enough in selecting 11 great players to wallop  a country with 3 million people only.  What a mess ...

what say you?

3)  we are hungry in the day time.

Although we are fasting, we work as if we are not fasting.

The lectures run the same 1 - 2 hours non-stop.
The meeting is as sharp as usual.  If the meeting is at 0300 pm , we arrived at 0315 and it runs and runs until 0445 pm.
See how serious ..we met?

So ..after the meeting, we are quite exhausted.

The Ph.d thesis still 5 - 6 chapters. Ramadhan or not ..your thesis remain thick.  About 2 kilograms weight!

At home after 0500 pm ..we met another problem .. the gas suddenly runs out.

So we hit the road again .. got stuck in a traffic jam just for the sake of buying a red tank of gas.
Brilliant, right?

So after the hard day's work ..  we meet our small heroes .. and of course endless cries and changing pampers after pampers with all kinds of 'organic waste'.

..we just feel so tired waiting for iftar at 0730 pm.

Looking back, why can't we just take holiday for 1 month .. no work and we just fast like the companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w?  If I were the King / PM ..I easily implement this like the countries in the Middle East. Why?  because we are the agong / PM.

May be I can engage with all kinds of prayers, reading Quraan and zikir at night while fasting the whole day long.  Now some muslims are playing football ..even in Ramadhan.  So tired ..huhh

Allahu akbar.



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