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Now everything is expensive except my smile and me raising my hands while driving through important places that have security fully installed.

Every day i observe
Good and bad things about ladies working.

Pity them so much.

Other than day to day office work
They act as

1.  Mum
2.  Housewife
3.  Banker
4.  Adviser
5.  Many more.

Now we are in a restaurant. ( 28 august 2016)

Look ..up there.

i m eating and somebody holding the baby.

tough life like this right?

Hope i got the right audience now.

who is to blame  if the baby crying everytime?
is it the government?
is it you?
social pressure?

In Pakistan, many girls got married after age 9.
by 39, they are already a grand mum.
There in the village, everything is moving slowly.
No internet. NO watsapp n handphones.  The ladies just follow their men.

they sleep early.  Everything is treated so easily.
heaven, hell, halal and haram.

Very different.

many girls in town are not yet married but
they are holding important positions in the societies.

They can live independently.
they buy their own things.
name it.  They got it.

degree, masters, phd. Houses. Apartments. Madrasahs. All they have.
so busy themselves..
lecturing from morning to evening.  If you try to stop
watch out. You will get good lectures .. for sure.  He he he. Why?  Lecturers!   They have all the answers.

one good thing.
they are supporting their families at home many miles away.

looking here
they are quite ok.

so ask yourself
is pakistani lady
better than melayu here?

Is halal in pakistan the same as
halal  in malaysia?

is haram ..
are we talking the same thing?

i don't have all the answers now.

may be  you can help me.  God willing,



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