the real truth is

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Many years ago
Those who entered the universities
Were the the creamest one.  The top chinese. The top malays and the top indians.

As such after graduation
They easily got jobs.
Unemployment was not an issue then.

2)  now
Everybody studying in the universities.

The children from well to do families go to 1 university...thevchildren from the poor families go to the same universities.

Imagine there are 10 jobs
But 1000 graduates.

Thats why unemployment happen.
1000 graduates fighting for 10 different jobs.

In everythingcanncountry
Few universities were built to
Cater for
Political and social economic reasons.  Practical moves. Control unemployment among the youths.  But the world is changing fast from all directions.

Imagine these universities produce 10000 more graduates.

Still 10.

So how do you expect 11000 graduates fighting for 10 different jobs.

Again mad mad unemployment happening here.

The model did not work.

2)  once u are a graduate
U must apply for white collar jobs.  Thats what malay parents and societies pressured the boys.

But graduate from ABC  universiti is
Different from VTG  universiti.
So the children were put to

Wild goose chase. Again and again.
Never ending.

Very rare graduates wanted to work as
Clerks with low pay.

Even if they accept the low end job
Soon the bosses realise these graduates
Are smarter than them any time. Any day.

The boss so old.
Always talk about old stories like Hang Tuah played sepak raga with Hang Lekiu.

But the clerks
Play all kinds of ict games. They knew many things
So well.  News came from wide wild world. They catch the news fast.

Soon the clerks gave many suggestionns to the old boss
Who just finished playing old sepak raga.  Feeling so tired n his muscles all aching.

The clerks got masters
While the bosses just scrap through
Their degrees that good good olden days.

Thats the truth.

This is happening in many agencies
through out the country.

3)  the minister one day
came to my kampung.
his wife short but walk here walk there
expensive clothes top to bottom.
he talk to the kampung folks.

tell your children
dont choose any more jobs.

just work.

if your son got m.b.b.s
if no job
it is ok
to work with the lorry
selling old chinese newspapers.
day in day out.

he ..he..he..
old minister
see he is old with funny ideas

suddenly we caught
his son ..  not doing well in studies  but yet

buy and sell expensive things overseas

if one item
successfully sold
the profit earned ..they can just shake legs
for 1  decade.

the kampung boy

still selling old newspapers from the lorry.
day in day out.

never be too choosy about jobs.

thats the truth.

i  think.

soon i continue.  Now so sleepy. Tomorrow it is me who drives the lorry.
wasallam.  Think about it please.  Am i telling something about the truth nothing else but the truth.


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