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We all change.
A big rock ice ..if let under the sun it will get smaller in size and soon
It melts away.

A curriculum in 1950 ..would have undergone tremendous changes too at this time.
In 1950 the malays were from the villages
Now 2016 the malays come from the big towns.

last time Kuala Lumpur was the administrative centre of Malaysia.
Now Putrajaya takes its role.

last time only ustaz ustazah speaks a lot about islam
now many professionals can do the same.
example 1.  A medical doctor talks about Allah and the power of healing to a dying patient with cancer.
example 2.  An ordinary teacher  talks among the procedures of solat to his own students.

last time we eat many things ..but we check the food.  Halal or haram.
now, the malays eat something from kenturky, mcdonald, japanese suchi , tandoori and many more things.
last time the girls wore typical malay dress and they were trained how to pass safely through the groups  of men doing nothing or playing 'gasing'
now they  are wearing jeans from california, lip sticks from japan and perfume from france.  Under dress from Triump.  He he he.  So expensive girls.

last time men followed their mums most of the time.Now some men just follow their ladies all the times.  What to do? The lady has more muscle than the man.  When the man is sleeping, his wife is running on a static machine.  Why?  Making sure her body always stay slim like a 2B  german made-steadler pencil.

last time the ladies so polite. If they sang, they admired the rivers, jungles and a brave warrior about to die fighting against the japanese, portugese and dutch.  Sure die one many enemies to fight from year 1500 to 2035.
now if some ladies open their mouth all cats, dogs and their men run for their life.
so thunderous are their voice.  Why?
the ladies took command in this perbarisan merdeka 59.  Oh My oh my.  Lady Commandoes.  Have u heard this job?

The modern songs contained funny messages. Love, money, expensive taste and many more.  Sometimes indian beats but mostly western taste and flavour.

Why this happen?
Malaysia  starts with  the alphabet  M
m  is  many, multiple, multi dimensions and of course mati.

last time we marry among our selves.
now many partners to chose from.

last time  kelantanese lady married her next door friend.
now ..Air Asia is taken into the total cost.
A kelantanese gurl getting her husband from Tawau, Miri and Kalimantan.
Wow ..expensive wedding.
Even our prime minister ..spent so much to get his foreign son in law.
a very good example to follow with a million ringgit bill for the flowers alone?

just follow me shampoo.

In 1950, very few malays got their degree
Now with the present government
Every body has his own degree.

Last time we spent years to get a degree.
in a foreign country.
Universiti Malaya in Singapore.
Universiti Indonesia  in Jakarta.
Now it is so different.
Virtual university, virtual film n virtual degrees.


Last time Tun Mahathir attacked the opposition.
Now he is on the opposition party.

In 1970 my  gf was fair in color.
Now she is as dark as me.  Why?  girls are working too under the hot sun 0800 - 1700 hours.  Daily.

See..the world changes.
Last time praying took some time.  We took the ablution/wudhu with very great care.
Now praying is all so quickly done  including getting married and divorce on the Facebook.

Last time we took very very high respect on the quraan. It is properly installed and practiced 24/7 of our lives at our homes and outside world.
Now the quraan is everywhere ... ooops  sadly
It is found on the ground. Magazines, newspapers ..all have al quraan verses thrown away by some citizens and blown away by the wind.  Chinese and Indian magazine stalls are selling quraan too next to 'funny' story magazines.

Last time 100 year old grand mum took care of their aurat/ urat/ 'b'
but now ..  10,20,30, 120 year old lady wanted to show the whole world everything they have as explicitly as it can be.
A mum about to die giving birth in the labor room..  they recorded and let the students from all ages and countries to learn something.

May Allah forgives me.
the  day of reckoning is coming soon very fast.

Astaghfirullahal azeem.

take care.
through dakwah, mujahadah and .. solid sacrifice like the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and his great companions
we can be safe once and for all.  Keep the Quraan and the traditions of the Holy Prophet steadly fast with your teeth if you can.  If you lose them .. this can be a proof to the Al Mighty.

Insya allah.
the fitnah world is all  here now left right top down daylight darkness quietly loudly.  Please be careful.  Stay fast to the sunnah , Hadith and Al Quraan.  The contents I  mean.  Hold fast  to it ..  till death calls us apart.




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