We left because ..

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We left you because ..

1)  my real place to work is in Malaysia.
My parents and friends are all there.  They need me to serve them. Education, medicine, engineering and many more.

2)  our contract is put as ..

3  years studying in England
And 7  years working for the government of Malaysia

3)  it is good to move on.
Static water makes awful smell
Free flowing water creates harmony to the whole world

4)  i  want to get married after my study.
I vthink better marrying my own people because my parents said so.
Easy to mix between us and our new families.

Forvthose who like inter racial marriages,
Good luck to them. Wish them well.  He he he.

5)  i like Malaysian weather.
Everyday hot sunny, humid and wet.  No need to spin my wet clothes. Just hang my wet clothes ..soon they dry up ..free of charge.
In England, the weather is quite unpredictable.
Wet, snowy, black ices, windy, ..
Aghhh..i love British flowers
But our flower is also good.  Bungaraya.

6)  halal food
Difficult to get.
moreover i miss my mums cooking plus the sound of
Batu lesung ..penumbuk sambal , Batu Giling in the kitchen.

i will miss fish n chips
but it is ok ..nasi kerabu my next alternative.

7)  cost of living is cheaper in Malaysia than England.
How do I know?
ask DSNTR  and RM.
they are good shoppers all year round.

In British Rail station, simple breakfast takes RM40 per sitting
in Wakaf Bharu, i spend RM6 for  a nasi berlauk, hot coffee and 2 kuehs like curripuff and jeput pisang.  (Laugh).

So cheap here.
we can live longer.

8)  in england, i bathe three times a week.
In my village, i do that 2 to 3 times a day.  So easy.
Sometimes, no need towel.
it dries by itself.

When i was in Grantham 1975
i have to put coins to get hot water.
Here no need.

just go in
take bath
and go to school.

nothing much to worry.  Thats why so easy to remember maths formulae.

9)  l  love London Taxi
but after so many years there

our Proton also good.
We can bring down the mirrors
and feel the air.  So fresh and so nice jack.

10)  time to go home.
I will certainly miss my Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi, English, Nigerian friends

i  wanna go home.
the plane is waiting ..

i  go  ok?

bye everybody.
Will certainly miss u
but jack .. plz visit me next.



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