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In sports we play together.
We fight together for gold, silver and bronze medals.

If we win, we are winners as a team.
If we lose, it is still ok.  Not the end of the world , I think.  Do you agree?

2)  Malaysians are unique.
We love , we hate ..  but soon we love again.


because we study , work together as a nation that is composed of malays, chinese and indians.

3) In my life as a student

i was a malay student but most of my teachers in 1960s - 1980s ..

they came from the chinese, indians, sikhs, english, australians, scottish families and many more.

As a result we can not say ..somebody is so powerful.

We need each other to function well where ever we are.

So ..

4) in the case of DLCW playing shuttle cock in Rio, Brazil

we pray he will win ..

gold for us Malaysia ..

but he failed that night ..



he fought with his heart

he battled Li Dan ..he nearly die.

and now within less than 20 hours he got to fight against another chinese giant in badminton sports.

Do you know maths..

in 30 million population, we got 1  DLCW

in china 1 billion population ..they got 2 players ..  Li Dan and ..  'gianto'

how to fight 2 giants .. mar?

that billion produced the best 2 players kill only 1 DLCW from 30 million population?

5)  In short, games and sports united us as malaysians.

After the game, i still eat ice cream with the chinese hawker at the Penang jetty and indian ..mamak stall.

Still ok.

Smile all those faces.




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