what i think is different from yours

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A boy age 5 , he thinks ice cream and food most of the time.

A Form 3  boy thinks seriously about his PT3 exam.
What aftervthis horrible school?

19 year old boy thinks .. if i go abroad what happen to my 23 year old gf

A 25 year old boy thinks ..getting a job. A house in Penang is about RM300k already.

A 35  year old man thinks ..why can't he marry someone better?

A 50 year old man thinks, what happens now? ( his wife just ran away with somebody ...)

A 75 year old man thinks about his amputated legs because of diabetes.

so it seems no body is thinking the same thing at any one time.

thats why ..

our Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w  was very worried. His

umatti umatti ..
my followers my followers.

According to him
akhirat is a big thing.

he had gone to see the heaven and also hell.  This is what was told in


2)  SEeing is believing.

since we did not see yet
we believe hell heaven angels just blindly as it can be.

those who believe, we call iman.  In English, it is faith. A strong faith .. Sayidinna Abu Bakar radiallahu anhu ..believe 100 % what came out of the Holy Prophets mouth. So did the rest of the close companions of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

if he dies..he enter paradise...

as simple as that.

a malay can go to paradise if he believes in unhidden things and obey all commandment of Allah. A chinese also can.An indian?MUCH more .. he can.

Allah is always fair.
if the malays are useless
they surely enter hell..thats the belief...

if a chinese believes and act as good as what the Islam wants
he surely will be admitted into paradise.

similar goes the indians.

According to the imam ( the leader in the mosque)
takwa is very important indeed.

takwa is the fear of the punishment from Allah.
takwa the roots of all virtous deeds.

to get takwa is not easy.
eating all sorts of ice cream while taking s.m.s from all over the world
and watching T.V all day in Brazil  ..no way u get 100% takwa.

If thats the way to get the faith,
abu jahal, abu lahab,  firaun, qarun,
mau tze tong ..surely  they came into the fold of islam few centuries ago.  NOW easily  R.I.P  watching Astro about paradise.

but that time
what prophet Muhammad talked about islam
Was completdly different from what the new muslims nowadays understand.

islam is
taking away our nafsu ( desires)
taking away our logic
taking away so many things like watching football n missing dawn prayer every morning.

islam forbids  lying, cheating, robbing, killing, bombing, usury, zalim, hypocrisy and many more.  No fornication, no drinking, no cheating with somebodys wives n daughters.

2)  lastly
we have to strive harder like what our ancestors did
daKwah ourselves, our wives n families
as seriously as possible.

now is the time to do  dakwah like tabligh jamaah all over the world.Not tomorrow when we are called the dead ones.
Get ready brother
get ready  u.
get ready myself too.

i need hidayat n taufiq much more than health.

allahu akbar.



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