managing yourself

Posted by sazali


We go to school.
We need to manage ourselves to schools.
We bring our pencils , books and some money to eat.
Our parents' hopes so high like big mountains out there under the clouds.  We must take care of that to survive tomorrow and in the near future.

We go to office.
We must manage ourselves to the office.
There are rules to follow.
From 800 am to 500 pm we work so hard and smart.
At the end we get our pay.

We marry each other.
Some couples all brown
Some all whites
Some all dark
Some mix with small eyes.
Fine and well.
We manage our wife n children next.
We tend their daily needs (food and drinks).
One after one, we manage ourselves.
Good times of success, bad times like illnesses and sudden poverty
We must manage our family.
No way out.

We work together with many people.
By doing well we manage to proceed.
Skills like listening so important indeed.  Talking politely is nice to others. Helping each other is a big role for us to play.  Have you heard these - co-operate/ collaborate with others like chinese , japanese and afrikans?

So in short
Managing is a big skill indeed.

Learn this plz.
Nobody forcing us.
But better late than never, plz.

Somebody  out there
God gives this country.
God ask to manage Malaysia
Do not manage it yourselves boys.
we have laws, police, soldiers, teachers, professors, roads, traffic, buildings, petroleum, rubber, tin, many more.
Good country should prosper.
why?  Good management body.
once death comes and catches you
people cursed you with all kinds of bad words.
Aren't you  not afraid of that?



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