Bulan lapang 8

Posted by sazali


An hour from now
I  shall break my fast.  Completing the optional Fasting of 6 days in Syawal.

Those who fast
This 6  days ..the reward is as if he has fasted the whole year.  Allah will reward us handsomely
According to his own pleasure.


But before that to conclude
I am in a clinic.

Checking my urine and some pain.

2)  The lady doctor said
This is normal.

When u fasted
U drink little water.

But urine is all about water.

So no water , when u  urinate u will feel a bit pain lah.

Now u must drink more water.

Easy boy ..acahh jee?

3)  how to drink so much water?
U  dont need to study so high
To drink that 7  8  litres of water a day  doc.  Do you?

He he he.

So my pain,
My feeling down

Is about water intake.

Hushhh..like that lah.

The end.

Hope to practice drinking n drinking after this.  Nothing else.



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