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Some people are crazy with physical fitness..
For that they will do any thing examples
Waking up early in the morning and running through a park near their universities.

Some involve with yoga.
Some  tai chi.
Some prepare special breakfast to slim their bodies and many more.


He he he.

Usually  I begin with a hot milk.
Then a slice of orange, cucumber and carrot.

Then a jug of simple water.

50 years ago, we can drink the rain water.
Now i drink mineral water.
Why?  Ask  your teachers please.

Then off to the mosque I  must.

Here i pray subuh 2 rakaat.

Along the way, i  read darood/ salawat.
Or sometimes
I read small surah of the Holy Quran.

But sometimes if the satan, devils are too strong and manage to get hold of me
I listen to the hindi or tamil songs.

So good the drum beats
Which i enjoy most ...but alas i don't understand anything.

2)  I go to subuh prayer
Because the big imam
Read doa qunut.

One of the ayats in the doa
Is about asking al mighty Allah to grant us good health.

If the imam read qunut
The followers will say Ameem

And immediately
The angles / malaikat high up in the sky would say  Ameem too.

What a day
When many angles ask for your good health from the one
Who controls our life and death.

That's the secret of having good and wonderful life.

May Allah grant you that too my dear readers
No matter where u are.  Ameen.

If you remember Allah
ALLAH will certainly remember you.



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