traffic lights

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The transport is getting bigger, quicker and simpler.
To control the flow of passengers
A system is created.

One of them is the traffic light system.

Red means stop. please apply brake now slowly.
Green ..jom  lets go laH.

Without this, some one gonna die faster than expected.

But in certain countries
Some drivers do not follow this rule.

The likely reasons are
1.  Rushing
2.  Idiot
3.  Fed up


1.1    genuine being late

this is about those who sleep late but yet they have to catch the 0800 hours punch card the next morning.

According to a survey, in this country many adults sleep late.
they like to talk over a cup of tea.
their discussion is borderless type. Some starts with schools and homework and soon they enter the world of politics.

mind you. Nobody is paying but yet they enjoy talking about top leaders and their spending spree.

1.2 too many cars on the roads

Here most people drive to work.
they did not rely 100% on the public transport.
well we cannot blame them.
Sometimes the public transport is so good
but it did not last long.

out of the blue, the bus did not come.
Suddenly, the train came too late.
even if it runs..suddenly it stops somewhere in the middle.
Because of this, the population decided to bring their cars to work.

once the cars came
you must drive faster so that you won't get caught in any traffic congestion.
The peak of this driving
is when there is a flash flood or an accident.
Then the world broke hell.

2.0  idiot

When there are so many cars
there is prone some idiots.

This is not about education.
this is not about culture

it boils down to attitude.
He thinks the roads are his or his grand dads' properties from the North Peninsular to the southern most tip

Then he will do what ever he wants.
a minute he drives fast
the next minute he drives so slow.
He change  lanes according to his whims and desire

many patterns of driving.
In short a stupid  driver  let loose on our high way.

3.0  fed up

Among all the drivers
one of them is the writer.

He is really fed up because
he still has to pay the 'stupid' toll

inspite of me
got to queue
long hours in the rain
City Centre to Seremban

pay the petrol which is
getting higher year by year

my car getting bad to worse.
more pollution in the queue
more blood rushing in my veins
and my temper getting much horrible with b  words within the 4 corners of my car.

at last

some of us dying earlier
some look older than their actual age
and ..u

( please continue).

Lucky I got a driver.  No problem.  The car hardly moves.



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