alai hai rain rain rain

Posted by sazali


I am in Masjid Muhammadi Kota Bharu.

The rain is so  heavy outside.

Allahu Akbar.  Could hardly see outside the masjid.

Luckily  masjid is my destination.

Asar is coming soon.

Hope the rain stops and I can go home in Telipot.
Now it is  very dangerous driving home.
Make lots of  doa so that everything is safe.

2)  many years  ago in Acheh, Sumatra
those who got to the masjid were safe high and dry.

those who did not take masjid as their  destination
all were swept away by the big waves.

From the  video,
many spectators blamed those deads.

why did not u  take shelter in the mosque?

the answer is so simple.

Allah  did not pick them for ArbRahman Mosque Acheh.

Going to masjid not easy.
you must practise it  since u are young.

Allah protects 7  groups of people.

one of them is masjid  lovers.

Remember that please.



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