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As promised I am writing few points about this slide shows called power point.

New version is called Prezzi?

Never mind the name.  Lets get to the point.

Viva is an oral exam. At masters and Ph.D level.
The purpose is to exhibit one's work to the public and most importantly the examiners whether one has mastered his field of research.

2)   I  think if one is new,
they construct ppt in the hope  that few people will ask anything from the slides.
Some prsented so fast like David Copperfield.
some just read all the lines from the slides as slowly as a Kelantan turtle.
if he has 100 lines from 30 ppt  slides
by the time he finished reading all the slides

he has come to the end of the task.   Bravo.. 30 minutes is nowvover by this act of reading.

I think we are there not to hear his reading but ..we wanted to know more than that. To be fair, we provide some questions for you.  Are you ready?

During ph.d  presentation,
please expect some questions from the public.

If you can answer the questions
jolly good.

if you can't don't worry so much.  You wont die.  He he he.

But the main thing is ..your work has attracted some questions.
A boring presentation would produce 0  question.
may  be nobody understand his work at all.

if i went there, i would ask  some questions like the graphs.
what the units mean from the axis and of course the trends from the graph.  Why going up, why going down, why?

bear The torture from the public.  This wont last forever.
NObody has dropped dead from this ppt presentation.  BELIEVE ME!

3)  usually the ppt has 4 main areas covering your 1,2  or 3 year work.

3.1  your research questions
3.2  the method use
3.3 the results
3.4  discussion, future research n contribution.

So if you asked to give 40 minutes presentation, plan that the ppt can last that much time.

Dont prepare 2 slides.  This is a bad one.
dont put 1000 slides.  This too much.

I think about 15 to 20 slides would be good.

provide more time to answer question from the public.

This public could come from other staff, academicians from different departments etc etc.

#  dont worry you can do it.

If you got some journal writings
show that to the public Through 1  of the ending slides
At least it proved 1 important point
your work has been read, examined by others and they have allowed your work
to be published.


How ever .. many writings did not guarantee you the passing of your phd  yet.
This will be determined later by the external examiners.

In summary
take care of your health.
You must not  lost your voice.

Viva time is to listen to your voice actually.

5)  if you are given 2 months to prepare your viva
spend some time looking at your references.

check some current trends about your research.
Check your results.
Understand the method used n  why?

if you said ..your findings is parallel to Green(2000)
you must prepare ..in what ways it was parallel.

Else if you said ..your result is quite different from the others
you must be ready to explain why.

just be prepared.

### you can forecast.  What next after this research?

In sum, I have the feeling you will pass.

he he he.

If you are very nervous about the date of the viva
Try putting yourselves 1 or 3 months ahead from that viva date.

smile and think nice about all the experiences you had gone
through all these 3 years of phd work.

Laugh at the time you created trouble with the workshop technician in Leeds or Manchester.
Laugh at the way your graphs were printed wrongly.
How angry you were
when your Sv  said ..you look so stupid my boy.


by doing so .,you have managed to destress yourself.

I think that's all  my  boy.

I had done it.
Your country men have done it

and now ..you can do it too.

Read some prayers b4 you take the stage
and all the best my son.

Your mummy and I ...will be there all along as you presented your work.

Go .. after that..  my boy.



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