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One  subhanallah

ALLAH will plant you a tree in the paradise.

The circumference of the tree
If a horse has to run around the tree
The horse will take 5oo years.

1 day in the heaven is equivalent to 1ooo years.
Imaginne  that?

2)  one recitation of
Kalimah tai yibah

La ila ha illallah ..

If this is put on one scale of a balance
And the 7 earths and 7 skies
Were put on the other scale

The weight of the kalimah
Is much heavier.

3)  one darood to the holy prophet s.a.w
ALLAH sends you 1o  blessings.

If u read 1oo in the morning
And 1oo at night

IMAGINE   the blessings falling for
Your salvation and peace.

4)  before you sleep
Read 1o  ayat of the Holy Quraan

Then You are not put
Among those who are neglectful.

on  friday  evening  like  now for instance
read this b4  the sun sets


allahumma soli ala saiyidina muhammadin nabi yi
ummi yi wa ala ali hi   wassoh bihi  wasallim taslima .."

80 years sin now
80 year before this sinning
and 80 years sinning in the future.  Insya allah

Allah will forgive them all.  Allahu akbar!

5)  before you sleep
Call your mum.  Hello hello cikkkk

If she is happy
God willing
Allah sends you more good tidings
Night and day.

Yakin on that please.



Maulana Zakaria 196o.  The teachings of islam.

Raiwind:  tabligh markaz


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