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Time is gold.

That is what famous philosophers used to say.

From the prophets (a.s) to famous leaders like Mahatma Ghandi, Tun Mahathir, Jawahalar Nehru ..
most of them said ' time is the essence of human development'.

But alas , these people said this golden theory at the time of their death.

2)  When they were young, strong, powerful, rich ..they forgot all this.

Similar things are happening to us now.


2.1  to work harder
2.2  to study harder
2.3  to write better
2.4  to think wisely
2.5 to invest seriously
2.6 to care after one's health
2.7  many more

We began to regret once that 'time' is over.

The top leader in this country begun to regret not doing this and that.
But the time is over.

He cannot do anything anymore.

Based on this, Allah the Most Know er warned man through this surah wa Asri the nearest meaning is :

Verily man is at loss
except those who believe
those who do good deeds
enjoining people towards good deeds 
taking care of the daily (solat)
keeping the rights
and be patient in (doing all those listed above).
Wa llahu aklam.

Allah knows best.
Please take care of our life and the time loan to us which is a very short term indeed.


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