Reading ..what benefits there are?

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Young boys  and  girls are taught to read.
By  reading  they learn many new  things.

In the  Quran,   the  history was  the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.  was forced to  read.
The  surah  Iqra'.

I  did not want  to spend time talking about iqra.  Let the ustaz or ustazas talk about this again and again.

Here I  JUSt would like to pen some points about reading.

Reading depends on you.  Really?

I enjoy  reading.

If you enjoy something
Then nothing can stop  you.

Now i  am  reading  the Guardian.  Yes from London.  Some gifts from my eldest son from Brunel University.

2)  you know more about something
if you spent time on readings.

2.1  scan the paper
2.2  focus on a particular issue  Brexit.

of course  there are many differences between  2.1 and  2.2

if you are a simple BN minister in this era who
you scan a  METRO

when you do that, of course you know little.
if you talk rubbish in Ampang
the chinese professionals will laugh at you. When they laugh we rakyat feel  so malu.  Well what can we do?

if you focus
then people know  who you are.
See Tun Mahathir.
look at the way he  talk and write about an issue.

Even though he did not take economics in his universities
the way he explained the great train robbery of
2.6  billion  RM  was very much appreciated by the people from the universities both local  and abroad.

At least some of his points
we can use during any kinds of discussions and
Anywhere we go.

I think  as a  conclusion
reading defines who one is even at this  Eid Mubarak season.

Insya allah.  Please read  and make this a profitable vocation.



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