types of mood

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Man has many moods.
Woman has more moods.

Because we are just human after all.

Today I pen down some types of mood.

1.  Happy mood
Government staff going to have higher pay beginning 1 july.
Tq  Prime Minister of Malaysia

2.  Bad mood
The engine did not work.
The computer program just crashed.
No pay cheque  you!

3.  Simple mood
This is between good  and bad mood.
Eating sardine everyday during monsoon season.
I supposd.

4.  Lousy mood

Miss his wife.
Miss her a lot.
4 weeks already.
Day looks gloomy.
Night feels so hot.

The strong legs of the Indian atheltes  looks quite white.

Must find  his wife.
What happen you?  Shame  youuuu, right?

5.  Confusing mood.
Simple sum cannot do.
Simple program fails to run.
teaching never ends.
his smiles has turned a bit sour.


We have many kinds of mood.
To control this
Allah commands us to pray 5 times a day.
Read Al Quraan SO  that  your heart and soul ..would be a bit cooler and  fine.

say to yourself

many times
your  wife is attending 4 month course in New Delhi.
relax brother
3 more months to go.  Let us see your marking on the wall.

after that
she is going to be promoted
to a higher grade

are you so sad?

relax brother
some couples no jobs
Yet  10 chidren need food

you and your  rita
no children at all
many attempts
all drew to a blank
what happeng brother?
rita here  or  rita absent
still no child

so dont  worry

soon you will be happy.  Insya allah.

take care.

please control your mood even though u
are mad with shopping.


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