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Ramadhan is leaving soon.
Syawal is coming fast.

Now it is good to make doa ( prayer).

Some doa would take hours.
My doa takes 5 to 10 minutes only.

It is wise to learn how to make good doa.

A good doa should cover all dunia and also akhirat.

It should have a structure  like below

1.  Salawat
2.  Few verses of the  Holy al quraan
3.  What  you wanted really... arabic is good;  BM is better;  jawa the best.
4.  Few  robbbana example robbana atina fiddunia hasanatan wa fil akhirati hasanatan wa khinna azabannarrr.
5.  Concluding verses.


Now i want to elaborate the thirdvpoint above.

my robbbb
bestows upon  us  good health
bestows upon us  good adab
bestows upon us good children whom we are pleased with them  and they are pleased with us

bestows upon us the following 6 points
gives  us iman, the hakikat of iman
gives us the hakikat of solat
gives us the hakikat of ilmu and zikir
gives us the hakikat of sincerety in niat and amal
gives us the hakikat of khuruj fi sabilillah


Then we can elaborate each of the above lines as deeply as possible.

by using our mother language we can express what we really wanted

examples ask for a good husband.
ask for a good wife.
let us pass our degrees locally or abroad
give me that post  ..dekan plz.
nothing more and nothing less.
if  cannot  dekan need to give lahh.

it is ok to say anything
your robb is ever listening

you can also beg
let me be p.m  daughter in law



I think thats all.
i can doa in english because i love english.
jawa/ kampar?  Ask my wife lah.  She comes from Big River. Junction 5. Masya allah.

wallahu aklam.

p/s:  doa in the dead of night after tahajud in ramadhan.
have u done solat  tasbihhh?  Please do  at least once in your life time.  Tq.
Mention my name too. Please.  Mohd sazali khalid


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