big n small sins

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Man commits sins. Sins are bad amal or activities.
According to Islam

Big sins come in the form of :

1.  Killing
2.  Lying,  inventing stories to nail down somebody examples DSAI cases.
3.  Syirik ( praying to the stone god, gods , statues)
4.  Gambling
5.  Fitnah
6.  Prostitution
7.  Missing 5 times daily prayers especially dawns.

Small sins are too many.  The water in the seas are not enough to be used as ink to write about them.
I give 11 here.  The next 989  types...i write next year.  GOD WILLING.

1.  Watching t.v  too much
2.  Disobeying your parents
3.  Your eyes glued to swimming events in the olympics.  Water sport only.
4.  Playing truants at schools, offices
5.  Eating food non halal , was was food like cakes, biscuits
6.  Playing tricks ..cheating.  grade b  eggs swapped with grade a eggs..
7.  Extravangant  life style
8.  CHEATING in sending assignments at high college, polytechnic and university
9.  Backbiting
10.  Not fasting because of lame excuses like missing sehri during Ramadhan
11.  Stealing money from mosque fund etc etc

Small sins can be pardoned  thro ablution, listening to hadith, attending tazkirah etc.

Big sins are pardoned by doing taubah.  Taubah is complete repentance and regret for scr#wing somebody's  wife during the presence of her 105 year old  or handicap husband. If you blew someone up using high explosives meant to bring down bigger mountains in Russia.. you must get pardon from her parents from Mongolia, China or India. Got to ask pardon from the husband during his life time if you commit zina with somebodys wife.  Try?

After ramadhan muslims who strictly fast are fully pardoned especially the small sins.  The rest I do not know so much.  Ask Allah.  Can?

Bigger sins are credited on someones  account who knows so much but still they commit the sins purposely.  According to al hadith, these bad scholars are sent direct to hell automatically.

Too sleepy  now.  Zzzxx

I continue later.
Wallahu aklam.


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