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After Ramadhan , some muslims continue fasting for another 6 days.
It is just optional.

Ramadhan is compulsory.
Now fasting 6 days in the month of syawal is just optional.
If you do it, you are smart.
If you failed to do it, you had lost a big opportunity.

Virtues of this fasting 6 days are

1.  Allah takes that you had fasted the whole year.
Subhanallah.  Good isn't  it?

2.  ( i forgot already. Sorry).

He he he.

Fasting in this syawal is more challenging because

All your good friends are eating good food such as
Tandoori, nann and Magnolia ice cream.  So good but
U are left out.

Why?  You are fasting.

Today I did not go anywhere except  cyber cafe n photoshop shop near usm.
I went to prepare Mondays big day.  I  download my papers from few international conferences that i had gone since 10 years from now.
Got to train 20 lecturers from Thailand how to write academic paper.

First day my slot takes 1 hour. How to write conference paper?
Second day I was given 2.5 hours.  How to deliver conference paper?

Third day my task is 2 hours.

The rest other professionals  like Prof Lilia UKM and many more.

Syukur.  I can still contribute with my very little knowledge.

After zohor I slept.
When I woke it is nearly half past six.

so much I sleep.
the body said ... I must be very tired.

So another 1 hour
I can break my fasting.

What to eat?

There are so many today.
my son and his family are here.
Weekend holiday.

think I want to bring them to downtown Georgetown.
What else ..makanmakan lah.

it wont cost me much, I suppose.
Just bring along your plastic cards.

thats life right?

Children and family are important part of me.
Hw about you?

Some people they did not spend much time
with their own family.

Not only today but
the rest of the time.

I think it is not wise to do that.

I shall write more next time about this modern trend.
Now I want to check the kitchen.
it is about 60 metres from my bed.

Oops.  Another hour I eat.  Come join me please.

Allahuma barik lana fi ma razak tana wa qina aza bannar.

If we read doa ( prayer)
Allah gives us a longer life.  Insya allah.  We can say ..knife knife operation theatre please  go away.  O better tell you ..first operation cost prostat cancer RM20k  only.



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