small advise end of syawal 1437 Hijrah

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Everybody wants some levels of success.

Today just feeling happy to jot down
tips to be a successful post graduate student as far as the grasses for the sheep in Christchurch , New Zealand in one end of the globe to pakistani communities in Saltley, Birmingham, England at the other end.  He..he..he..

Bear a moment please.

1.  Do we need to be very smart to undergo post graduate study?

The answer is Yes if you go to established universities like  X  and Y.

The answer is No , if you go to other universities i.e., (  X U  Y ) '.


2.  Do you need to be strong, patient and persevere?

The answer is Yes.

You must be strong to walk from your hostel to the faculty once a day , twice a day or more.
Sometimes the walking takes some time.  Ooops..make sure you measure the length of both legs left and right.  Make sure the length is about the same.  Why?  i write to you later.  
I took 2 buses to reach Edgsbaston, Univ of  Birmingham England from Saltley , Birm 8.  Sometimes I ran after the last bus from the University and mind you running could be as fast as 11.00 seconds in 100 metres.  So fast and really I lost my breath when I park my bum on the bus. Bloody Hell.

Yes you must be patient reading the journals and many kinds of dull books.  Wish I can read love story books in winter.
The problem is the books that I was forced to read were not written by any person that I know of.
It was not written by Tun Mahathir or DSMNTR and his wonderful wife.


the late Nik Aziz Nik Mat did not write any book in my library either.  No hadith, no kitab ..nothing doing. All English books written by the local professors, Americans scientists and ..many more.  As far as I can remember no book that i touched ..gave me a Malay and kelantanese author.  Surprise?

Yes you must be persevere in

a)  reaching the end of producing your masters or/and Ph.D thesis.
b)  listening to many kinds of critics, comments and ..
c) surviving with the English weather , sterling pounds and British landlords who never want to tolerate with late rent.  One of my friends paid late the rest of our belongings landed outside the house.  Good neighbourhood this British showed to us!
d)  eating halal n mixed 'non halal' food and drinks. Why?  no melayu selling any nasi lemak in Grantham, Leeds, Birmingham far as I know except on Friday at lunch time.

I just close my eyes, open my mouth and gulp gulp ..  I must live in order to write to you  here

important thing you have made all the necessary precautions needed by the Almighty Allah.

e)  doing your daily solat 5 times a day ..summer, winter etc etc.  I had prayed in front of my coursemate in Leeds ..luckily my chinese malaysian friends helped me to perform my daily obligations.  Why?  my legs sometimes jammmed and crammed in the winter .. and sometimes I cannot miss the computer time. Last time we could not afford to buy a PC / notebook yet.  The computer was a Honeywell Terminal.
f) all kinds of friends .. some from  Europe, Africans, IndoPak, Asians and of course our English friends.  Sometime I could hear all kind of intelligent noise when afrikans 'sc...' english girls on Saturday nights.  The noise they made ..  still there in my brain.

g)  the art of survival is

your simple brain, curly hair, guts, good health and pure determination.

My school motto is ' DETERMINATION LEADS TO SUCCESS'  - TMS Besut.

The beauty of studying abroad is

You are You and nothing else.

Syukur ..I made the grades at last. What grades ?  A-levels  ok; degree ok; masters ok.

Even though my parents never had the chance to see George Best , Kevin Keegan and Johann Cruff playing in the Wembley Stadium or Venus playing tennis in Wimbledon  ,  my children one after the other ..

are emulating their simple , happy go lucky  dad.  Graduates from abroad and local universities.  My fair skin daughters ..just study here , I ordered ,  else ..they might come back with everything except degree(s).  [ a small laugh, any body?]

Syukur ..alhamdulilah.
I am what  I wanted to be.  Jom sujud syukur to the Almighty Allah.


p/s:  i try to write simply..if it offends anybody .. 1 million apology please.


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