Small teachers

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Bismillahi rah ma nir raheem

Small teachers are defined here as new teachers in any kinds of schools.  Just got posted after 3 years being unemployed youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Syukur. Pay gratitude to Allah for giving you the chance to be a small teacher only.

As a small teacher we are

(i)  just new  and  fresh
(ii)  just got an appointment letter
(iii)  just looking around for flat, room , house to stay
(iv) our pay is at the beginning  example in DG41 ..around  RM3000 monthly.  Alhamdulilah.
(v)  no rubber stamp chop this and that
To indicate our authority.

Our dilemma are:

(a)  level of confidence / not especially to say  NO
(b)  our dress it ok?
(c)  our walking with the high heels it OK ?
(d) our voice as an English / BM teacher .. does it sound I am from the East Coast of the Peninsular?
(e)  when can I ask for transfer to teach in front of my dad's home
(f) is the food OK here?
(g)  any chance getting married as soon as possible ..since I can contribute some for the coming 'feast'
(h)  Perodua BEEEZZ and
many more

But from my experience ..

1.  teaching is best ..if nobody come and  observe
2.  teaching is best ..if no head teacher , no middle teacher come and start giving orders like it ok you bring out 5 students to compete in Programing Computer competition tomorrow (saturday)?
when we had already promised someone special to return to Kuala Lumpur for a weekend reunion
3.  teaching is best ..if no other lady teacher suddenly goes on leave for maternity purposes
4.  teaching is best ..if not BM/ BI/ mathematics subjects. So much markings to do ..
for we are just History / Geography graduate
5.  Teaching is best if we have some money in our pocket.  Rm30  enough.  Breakfastb10rm, lunch 10rm and dinner rm10 only.


Please save some money.
Say for RM1000 pay , you save RM100 by hook or crook.
So every month you can save RM300 provided nobody dies, nobody got killed , nobody in problem, nobody marrying again and again because getting together is all about money.

if 5 years working in this Besut & Setiu district can save easily  300*12*5 =  3600 *5 =  18,000RM

can buy a house ..deposit in Setiu, of course.

In Penang cost you RM700,000  for a pigeon hole flat , condo ..10th floor up from the sea level.

Enjoy your teaching life  my new small teacher.  Ameen.
think positive, act positive.




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