tq tq never ends

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I saw the statistics.
Tq Malaysians, USA, Germans, Portugese

Bruneins, Indonesians, Mauritious, Chinese,
French, Dutch
Singaporeans, Romanians
For supporting my humble blog.

Tq so much.

Without your support , my writing would have stopped.

2)  I am writing to share my little knowledge and experiences.
If it is good ..use them please

If it is bad ..thousand apology.

3)  Of course what i write
Is not as good as Shakespeare ..but at least I write
And write.

Practice makes perfect.

Sometimes some people think
We must be 101% good then we are qualified
To write.

You must come out like the daughter of Bhutto
from Bangladesh in Cambridge University

then you can write.  You have  better authority to write.

I totally disagree with that notion.

Writing is just like cooking.
Day 1 cooking is different from Day 1000 cooking.

1000 day cooking is much better because
You have practised a lot by then.
You make some changes here n there according to the feedback you got.  Some positives. Some negatives.  But don't worry.  You won't die.
Then u become a good cook for your family.

If your cook is cook, your husband will come back eating dinner and everything else
he will go n eat elsewhere.  Dangerous?
Similarly is writing.

Just write.
Of course some people will criticized u this and that
But dont worry

As long as you dont attack the Sultan of Johor DT

I think you gonna pass ..my dear.  He ..he ..he..  He will let you fly, swim and drive in Johor else  you will be caught by the police.

5)  Just write.
Write sincerely.  Bismillahi .
One day if your writing is put in the library as books, journals, monographs etc etc
Say tq to me.

Will you?
Ha ..ha..ha..

Think thats all for now.
Tq once again.  ALLAH loves something done sincerely, CONSISTENTLY even though it is just an ayat encouraging good practices like be kind to others.


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