Decision making

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Man always make decision.
To do something or not based on his current state of health, mind and wealth.

There are many examples where man makes decision.

Here I give you three out of thousands that I know of.

Since it is still ramadhan, the context is this fasting month.

1.  When balik kampung say johor bharu to kota bharu
Should we fast when travelling?

The answer is  no but many people took me wrong.
If you eat and drink while making the journey
You might save many things.

You are more alert through out the journey.
If suddenly there is a big mother goat crossing the road
You can brake more quickly.

My wife an ustazah ..said i shouldnt.
She said what is distance.
Our car all air cond.
I retorted. My passengers always sleep while me ..the unlucky one ..
Has to stay all awake.  She will never be able to pay back this lost day of fasting.  Many many more. The problem is she enjoys sleeping in a fast moving Toyota Vios  80k  RM.

In the book of fasting
As travellers as far as 800km I can break my fast.
So why not I started having breakfast at home quietly rather than eating at the bushes somewhere in Dungun.

So decision has been made.
Dont worry about not making the fasting again all your lives.
Allah knows best.

2.   Marrying before ramadhan or after ramadhan?

I suggest marrying after ramadhan.

Doing that we save ourselves from many trials and tribulations.

if you are old say 85,
it is ok to marry at that young age.
you have the experience of marrying before your wife passed away 25 years ago.

but if you are just an undergraduate age 21,22  in London, Michigan or Los Angeles

i advise not.

Many cases happen during the fasting month.
well we cannot blame you
You are just naive
you did not know that nafs
strike both kind of people .. hungry souls or well eaten human beings.
Major general syaitan bin iblis  are there inside your blood 24/7.  Sometimes they play something
Funny between your 2 balls all the times.
if you failed the temptations
you are going to pay back 1 sexual encounter with 3 months continous fasting.  I think you had done zalim onto yourselves.
This is published thousand years ago.  Check this plz?

so settled. We marry next week after eid ok?

3)  to go back or not to your old village.
your old parents are still there.

According to the traditions
it is good to drive home for raya.  Make your parents happy. Then they sent you to the heaven.

but try to resist.
Say 1000 times as loudly as possible.
you got prostate.  You cannot control your bladder.
you frequent visit the toilet.

so you better stay at home.
You can cry.
dont worry.
after 1 week from now..
i am sure u r still alive.  Fit  and happy.

if you go back kota bharu
with prostate, traffic jam all the way through

may be may be
you are gonna be half dead.

your prostate getting bad to worse
when your parents are aging harmoniously at their kampung
you are struggling
with many kinds of pain during the 1600 km journey.

please decide wisely.
if you break your parents heart this time
it is ok old boy.

allah has pardoned you after 30 days fasting in ramadhan.

If your parents wanted to claim
they had an empty raya

let them be.

dont worry.  We face them there.  Where?  Ask them (laugh).

old people always sensitive with so many things.

settled.  He happy with your bladder.


p/s  the secret of a peaceful life is making decisions that count on your favour all the times.  Never zalim onto yourselves.

the country appreciates healthy citizen after next week, man.


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